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DWS shortlist for Oscar 2007 nominations and nominees




The Oscar awards fever is already upon us, with the Academy preparing to release the names of nominees and nominations on January 23, barely a fortnight from now. We have compiled a shortlist (rather a long list) zooming in on the potential Oscar 2007 nominees and nominations.

The following are some of the movies, pictures and personalities we believe have a good chance of making it to the Oscar nominations shortlist. Of course, we have listed out 10 nominees under each head, listing them in descending order of importance.

Scroll further down to see the nominations made by various cinema guilds for the Academy Awards 2006-2007.

Our Best Picture predictions shortlist of Oscar nominees 2007

The Departed
The Queen
Little Miss Sunshine
The Good shepherd
Flags of our fathers
The pursuit of happiness
Little Children

Our Best director predictions shortlist of Oscar nominees 2007

Martin Scorcese - The Departed
Alejandro Inarritu - Babel
Stephen Frears - The Queen
Paul Greengras - United 93
Mel Gibson - Apocalypto
Bill Condon - The dreamgirls
Robert Altman - A Prairie Home Companion
Clint Eastwood - Letters From Iwo Jima
Clint Eastwood - Flags of Our Fathers
Jonatha Dayton & Valeri Faris- Little Miss Sunshine
Pedro Almodovar - Volver
Todd Field - Little Children

Our Best Actor predictions shortlist of Oscar nominations 2007

Forest Whitaker The Last King of Scotland
Leonardo Dicaprio The Departed
Peter O' toole Venus
Will Smith The Pursuit of Happiness
Aaron Eckhart Thank You for Smoking
Sacha Baron Cohen Borat
Leonardo Dicaprio Blood Diamond
Ken Watanabe Letters From Iwo Jima
Jamie Foxx Dreamgirls
Ryan Gosling Half Nelson
Edward Norton The Painted Veil
Nicolas Cage World Trade Center

Our Best Actress shortlist of Oscar nominations 2007

Helen Mirren The Queen
Judi Dench Notes on a scandal
Penelope Cruz Volver
Kate Winslet Little children
Meryl Streep The Devil wears Prada
Maggie Gyllenhall Sherrybaby
Naomi Watts The Painted Veil
Annete Bening Running With Scissors
Ellen Page Hard candy
Beyonce Knwoles Dreamgirls
Cate Blanchette The Good German
Gretchne Mol The Notorious Bettie Page

Writers Guild Nominees for Oscars 2007


Babel. Writer: Guillermo Arriaga
Little Miss Sunshine. Writer: Michael Arndt
The Queen. Writer: Peter Morgan
Stranger Than Fiction. Writer: Zach Helm
United 93. Writer: Paul Greengrass


Borat: Writers: Sacha Baron Cohen & Anthony Hines & Peter
The Departed. Writer: William Monahan
The Devil Wears Prada. Writer: Aline Brosh McKenna
Little Children. Writers: Todd Field & Tom Perrotta
Thank You for Smoking. Writer: Jason Reitman

American Society of Cinematographers' Nominees for Oscars awards 2007

Cinematographer Movie
Robert Richardson The Good Shepherd
Dean Semler Apocalypto
Vilmos Zsigmond The Black Dahlia
Emmanuel Lubezki Children of Men
Dick Pope The Illusionist

Costume Design Guild nominees and nominations for Oscars awards 2007

Nominee name -- Movie name

Milena Canonero
Marie Antoinette

Ngila Dickson
The Illusionist

Penny Rose
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Sharen Davis

Chung Man Yee
Curse of the Golden Flower

Patricia Field
The Devil Wears Prada

Nancy Steiner
Little Miss Sunshine, Casino Royale

Michael Wilkinson

Consolata Boyle
The Queen


Kym Barrett

Sammy Sheldon
V for Vendetta

Lala Huete
Pan's Labyrinth

Renee April
The Fountain

Judianna Makovsky
X-Men: The Last Stand

AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CINEMATOGRAPHERS (ASC) Predictions for Oscars awards 2007

Apocalypto Dean Semler
Babel Rodrigo Prieto
Children of Men Emmanuel Lubezki
The Departed Michael Ballhaus
Dreamgirls Tobias A. Schliessler
Flags of Our Fathers Tom Stern


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DWS shortlist for Oscar 2007 nominations and nominees

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