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Going Nuts http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts All Your Nuts are Belong to Us Sun, 09 May 2010 11:18:35 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.1.10 Freelance writing jobs in Kochi, Kottayam and Thiruvananthapuram – interested? http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2010/05/09/freelance-writing-jobs-in-kochi-kottayam-and-thiruvananthapuram-interested/ http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2010/05/09/freelance-writing-jobs-in-kochi-kottayam-and-thiruvananthapuram-interested/#comments Sun, 09 May 2010 11:18:35 +0000 http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/?p=136 Say you are a guy or girl, who can write error-free, clean English. And you want to work from home. And you are based in one of the Kochi, Kottayam and Thiruvananthapuram. Then we may have something for you.

We at DWS are planning to hire a bunch of freelance writers. The topics we are looking at right now are automobiles, technology, personal finance, healthcare and travel.

When we say we are looking for freelance writers, we do not mean that you should be an MA in Literature, or should be able to write like a columnist. We are looking for a great writing style here. We do not have to impress anyone. But we need those who can write regular, routine news stories and informative articles in a clean, error-free manner.

What qualifications would you need?

As we said, we are looking for freelance writers based in these cities who can write clean English. So your college degree really is irrelevant.

How many articles, etc.

A lot. That depends on how good and reliable you are. If you have two hours to spare daily, you could do two articles for us. Easily. We have a process that enables writers to do that. You might even be able to produce one article every 30 minutes. If you have eight hours to spare daily, that would be great too.

Any other requirements?

Yes. You will need a reliable broadband internet connection already. You will need to be in touch with us on email and chat, during your daily work hours.There will be an editor who is responsible for allocating stories to you, diting them, and publishing them. Constant availability to that person is critical.

If that is possible for you, do contact us. Drop a comment on this point saying you are interested, and we will get in touch with you. Make sure your email id is included without any errors.

To recap once again: This is a great freelance writing opportunity, open to those with a command of good written English from the cities of Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram and Kottayam in Kerala. If you think you fir the profile, drop a comment as mentioned. If you are not there, but know someone living in or around those cities who are looking for a freelance writing job while living in their own towns, do let them know. They will thank you!

http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2010/05/09/freelance-writing-jobs-in-kochi-kottayam-and-thiruvananthapuram-interested/feed/ 0
Slumdog Pillionaire: I would like to thank my human, this motorcycle… http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2009/02/23/slumdog-pillionaire-i-would-like-to-thank-my-human-this-motorcycle/ http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2009/02/23/slumdog-pillionaire-i-would-like-to-thank-my-human-this-motorcycle/#comments Mon, 23 Feb 2009 08:01:02 +0000 http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/?p=124 Slumdogs on motorcycles were overwhelmed by the Oscar.

 dog riding pillion on motorcycle

Pic courtesy: Metro UK

This human here, he built it for me with fiberglass. I am slumdog no more. His bike not too fast, no matter. I thank him.


Pic courtesy: Motorbiker

This human, he put me in an ice box. No matter. I thank him too. At least he has a cruiser and drives slow.


Pic courtesy: Motorbiker

My human is useless. If I fall off, I will bite his butt.


Some dogs don't need a motorcycle

I thank my human. He’s old and not rich, but he keeps me comfy.

http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2009/02/23/slumdog-pillionaire-i-would-like-to-thank-my-human-this-motorcycle/feed/ 0
Fuck your fucking ad about the fucking flat stomach! http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2008/11/12/fuck-your-fucking-ad-about-the-fucking-flat-stomach/ http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2008/11/12/fuck-your-fucking-ad-about-the-fucking-flat-stomach/#comments Wed, 12 Nov 2008 18:30:13 +0000 http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/?p=117 Yea fuck your fucked up ad.

For the last one month (or is it more?) whatever fucking site I am on, this fucking ad appears.

Sometimes I am on a fucking health website, sometimes I am on Reddit or Digg, sometimes I am on a fucking blog about fucked up computer games, and this fuck-all ad appears everywhere.

It is the most fucked up Adsense ad I have seen in a long time. Its design makes your eyes go blind; destroys kids psyches, demolishes the most carefully designed website’s layout.

Whoever in Adwords approved this ad should be butt-fucked upside down and the line ‘I don’t want to know anything about flat stomachs’ tattooed on his fucking arse.

Then I think its gone, and I begin to feel I don’t need to install any fucking software to blocks all ads forever. Fat fucking chance.

Then it appears again.

You know whats most fucked up?

I saw this ad 5 minutes back on one site I accidentally landed on. I thought, what the fuck, there it is again fucking with my head. Let me take a screenshot and write something about how fucked up this ad is. I did that. Then, just on a hunch, I checked out another health related site – there it is again!!! What the fuck! I went to another health site and it followed me there! I went to another site run by a friend – Healthranker – and it followed me there too!!

Believe me, all those pics – they have all been captured in the space of around 45 seconds. I think. I wasn’t fucking counting.

And if you want to know the hell is responsible for this abo-fucking-mination, they are this site – truthaboutabs.com

Their site says Clickbank thinks this is the no. 1 rated abs program on the Internet. Well, fuck you Clickbank. And fuck you internet. Fuck.

http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2008/11/12/fuck-your-fucking-ad-about-the-fucking-flat-stomach/feed/ 3
Darth Vader’s Emo Heart: 29 Star Wars fan-edited music videos http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2008/11/10/darth-vaders-emo-heart-20-star-wars-fan-edited-music-vidoes/ http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2008/11/10/darth-vaders-emo-heart-20-star-wars-fan-edited-music-vidoes/#comments Mon, 10 Nov 2008 08:04:53 +0000 http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/?p=105 arth Vader. Intergalactic villain. Sith Lord. More machine, less human. Who knew he had a heart that weeps, loves and croons?

I have collected a pile of Star Wars fan-edited music videos on this page – a lot of them, obviously, feature Darth Vader either as himself or as Anakin Skywalker. Not everything is Emo, some are good fun action packed stuff.

Here are the better ones I have collected from Youtube to save you the bother. Not all are of professional quality, for sure. But a fan tribute is a fan tribute, right? So here goes!

20 Star wars fan-edited videos

Darth Vader: It´s all coming back to me now…

When Luke suffers, Darth Vader starts to remember his beloved wife – Padmé…

Star Wars Music Video – Everybody Was Kung Foo Fighting

Hardly emo, this one. Its a good fun video set to Everybody was Kingfu Fighting

Breaking Benjamin – Blow Me Away / Star Wars Music Video

Compilation of clips from Star Wars Episodes I, II, and III to Breaking Benjamin – Blow Me Away.

Star Wars music video: Whisper

This is another Star Wars vid. Made to Evanesence’s “Whisper.”

Turning to the Dark Side

This is what the creator has to say about the video: “I did to test out iMovie on the Mini Mac. Ive also been wanting to do a music video chronicling Anakin and Obi-Wan’s relationship and Anakin’s turn to the dark side for some time now.”

Artist: Seether feat. Evanescence – “Broken”

Chasing Cars Star Wars Music Video

Star Wars music video: Wonderboy
Creator: “Here’s a Star Wars vid to Tenacious D’s Wonderboy. Please don’t kill me.” Kill him, I say!

Go The Distance-SW

A Star Wars music video about Luke Skywalker “going the distance”

Star Wars vs. NSYNC

It’s the original Attack of the Clones trailer with “It’s Gonna Be Me” by *NSYNC as the audio.

Star Wars Gangsta Rap 2

This one is quite famous. I think it went viral an year or two back. A music video featuring some of your favorite or perhaps not so favorite Star Wars characters like you’ve never seen them before.

Here it Goes – Star Wars music video

The song is ‘Here it Goes’, by OK Go.

Star Wars Music Video: Hero

A Star Wars music video with “I need a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler as the music.


A Star Wars music video to the song “Hero” by Nickleback/his main singer. Despite the song, it came out really well. Luke Skywalker centric.

Star Wars Music Video: Bring Me To Life

Here’s another Star Wars music video to Evanesense’s “Bring Me To Life.” Hey, what can I say, Star Wars and Evanesense just go so darn well together.

Star Wars: Space Cowboys

A look at the Star Wars saga

Papercut – Linkin Park/Revenge of the Sith

Creator: I thought this song fitted well with Anakin, so I made a video.

Anakin- Run Away

Here the creator has written the entire story of Star Wars! But look at the emo that follows here: “It’s about Anakin who is so confused because of his nightmares and the manipulation of Palpatine. He thinks the jedi and Obi Wan have lied to him and are accusing him of everything that went wrong. He wants to know the truth and run away from the mess. So, driven by his desperation, he turns to the dark side.”

I Don’t Wanna Be

Music: “Silohettes” by Smile Empty Soul
Footage used: Both Star Wars Trilogies
Summary: Luke doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes his parents and Obi-Wan did…

Darth Vader (Wake Me Up)

This video features Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker. It focuses on his everlasting love of his life, his wife Padme. Anakin is convinced that Padme needs to be saved death. But what he will eventually realize is that he is the one that needs to be saved. The song is “Comatose” by Skillet.

Star wars – Blood to Bleed (music vid) Rise Against

Everything Burns (Anakin Skywalker Music Video)

The story of Anakin Skywalker from Episodes II & III to the sound of Everything Burns by Ben Moody and Anastacia

Shape of My Heart (Anakin, to Padme)

Song: Shape of My Heart — The Backstreet Boys

Darth Vader-never meant to be so cold

Darth vader is saying he is sorry for all the lies and hurt he said and caused for everyone that cared about him. He thought in his mind that he was ‘untrusted’ and ‘betrayed’ by padme and he did horrible things to hurt her, hurting obiwan by decieving and killing him, almost killing his own children.

Bad, Bad Thing – Anakin Star Wars Vid

Anakin + dark side = lots of angst.
Bad for him, good for the fangirls (and boys).

Star Wars: Darth Vader-This is why Im hot

Well, that’s why he’s hot. Now you know.

Star Wars: Princess Leia-Daddy’s dirty little sex slave

Something is seriously wrong here. I think the creator got confused about how Leia was having an affair with! – Britney and Star Wars! Well well..

song-im a slave for you
artist-britney spears

Leia’s Bringing Sexy Back

Only for Leia fans, otherwise boring vid

StarWars Music Video / Apologize-Timbaland feat One Republic

Star Wars – Boulevard of Broken Songs

Star Wars music video set to “Boulevard of Broken Songs” by Green Day/Oasis/Travis, mixed by Party Ben
Amor Patris (Love of the Father) Of father-figures and their roles in shaping Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Luke.

The Unforgiven – Star Wars Music Video

The life and death of Anakin Skywalker. Artist – Metallica

http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2008/11/10/darth-vaders-emo-heart-20-star-wars-fan-edited-music-vidoes/feed/ 1
There is a dark force behind Putin when he rears his head over Alaska http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2008/10/02/there-is-a-dark-force-behind-putin-when-he-rears-his-head-over-alaska/ http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2008/10/02/there-is-a-dark-force-behind-putin-when-he-rears-his-head-over-alaska/#comments Thu, 02 Oct 2008 20:43:45 +0000 http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/?p=101 … and you know who can help us deal with this evil rising.

http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2008/10/02/there-is-a-dark-force-behind-putin-when-he-rears-his-head-over-alaska/feed/ 0
Putin Rears His Head Over Alaska Airspace! flash game http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2008/09/28/putin-rears-his-head-over-alaska-airspace-flash-game/ http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2008/09/28/putin-rears-his-head-over-alaska-airspace-flash-game/#comments Sun, 28 Sep 2008 17:51:29 +0000 http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/?p=97 Help Sarah Palin defeat Vladimir Putin when he rears his head and comes into Alaska’s airspace!

Help Palin help us!

Due apologies to everyone with some artistic skills. This is all I could do – but then that simple game from the days of the 286 PC was always addictive once you start playing it. Give it a shot and you might remember the good old days. Press Spacebar to shoot.

Click here to make your own game on Fyrebug.com

http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2008/09/28/putin-rears-his-head-over-alaska-airspace-flash-game/feed/ 7
Higgs-Bison found at LHC! http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2008/09/10/higgs-bison-found-at-lhc/ http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2008/09/10/higgs-bison-found-at-lhc/#comments Wed, 10 Sep 2008 10:45:43 +0000 http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/?p=92 Yes. The mysteries of the universe hide behind those eyes.

The Higgs Bison was immediately carted away for examination by vets

http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2008/09/10/higgs-bison-found-at-lhc/feed/ 0
Sorry, the gravity flipped :-( http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2008/09/03/sorry-the-gravity-flipped-1/ http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2008/09/03/sorry-the-gravity-flipped-1/#comments Wed, 03 Sep 2008 16:29:06 +0000 http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/?p=74 Gravity flips when you least expect it. Like, you are taking a walk in the fields, and FLIP!

while you are walking in the fields...

while you are walking in the fields...

This can take you by surprise. But thankfully, usually no one is around to see.

.. while taking a swim...

.. while taking a swim...

This can get embarrassing. In a pool there is always someone around. Bring your legs slowly close together, and wait for the gravity flip effect to wear off. Don’t bother about the sniggers.

.. it can take you by surprise...

.. it can take you by surprise...

Keep your expression casual. If you appear stunned, people may decide to snap your pic and upload to Flickr. Girls normally stay away from those who flipped; don’t ask me why, its a girl thing.


... in a canoe...

This is not too bad. If you are in a canoe, usually you are with someone who knows you and may even care about you, despite the occasional flip that happens to you.


... while racing a motorcycle...

A gravity flip while racing on your hot motorcycle is not embarrassing, after all you were racing, and that means you are somewhat macho. But now you cannot see where you are going, and that can’t be a good thing.


.. Ursula Andress flipped...

A gravity flip is not a new phenomenon. Ancient records indicate this used to happen occasionally, like in photo of Ursula Andress who was posing for a front-gather underwire bra. Lesson: Underwire bra is good in locations where gravity flips are known to happen.


... not just humans...

Not a good thing at all when it happens to endangered species. But they don’t read blogs, so there is little we can do to help them. First you are endangered, and then gravity flips. Talk about fate.

... on the street..

Well, if a gravity flip hits you while you are on the street, obviously it is embarrassing. There are sometimes hundreds of people around, and you are a marked man. All you can do is to act normal. The flipped are people too, guys. Be normal around them, and behave as if nothing remarkable has happened. If you are a Flipped, act like this guy here. Once flipped, he realised there is not much he can do, and he managed to slide a bucket under his head, and waited it out. The best possible reaction if you get flipped in public.


... happens to everyone, as we said...

As they are normally made of clay, garden gnomes usually do not face any social ostracism once they get Flipped. If you are made of clay, an occasional Gravity Flip is the least of your concerns, anyway.

Hope you are prepared the next time you get Flipped. Take it easy. You are still the same person, and most of us know that.

http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2008/09/03/sorry-the-gravity-flipped-1/feed/ 3
Masked boobies are the best! http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2008/09/02/masked-boobies-are-the-best/ http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2008/09/02/masked-boobies-are-the-best/#comments Tue, 02 Sep 2008 17:48:26 +0000 http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/?p=72 They really are adorable.

And here is proof.

Boobies, as we know, are pretty wonderful to look at. Masked ones go one better, and while I personally have not held a masked boobie in my hands, I can take one look at these pics and see the enormous potential for visual simulation.

More about masked boobies from Wikipedia

Masked booby image

Masked booby image

Another masked boobie

Another masked boobie

Be happy, and always love boobies, or any other birds for that matter.

http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2008/09/02/masked-boobies-are-the-best/feed/ 1
Mir Israr Ullah Zehri: Meet the man who thinks its OK to bury girls alive if they don’t follow orders http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2008/09/01/mir-israr-ullah-zehri-meet-the-man-who-thinks-its-ok-to-bury-independent-girls-alive/ http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2008/09/01/mir-israr-ullah-zehri-meet-the-man-who-thinks-its-ok-to-bury-independent-girls-alive/#comments Mon, 01 Sep 2008 16:07:40 +0000 http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/?p=64 Take a good look at this face, and don’t forget it.

Israr Ullah Zehri, Senator from Baluchistan

Israr Ullah Zehri, Senator from Baluchistan

This is Mir Israr Ullah Zehri, a senator from the Baluchistan provice of Pakistan.

Six weeks back, three girls (teenagers, age 16-18) and two older women were abducted by men from the Umrani tribe. They were shot first, and while injured, thrown into a pit and buried alive. Their crime? Wishing to choose the men they would get married to. The two elder women were their mothers, killed possibly because they were sympathetic to the girls’ wishes. Their bodies were found half-eaten by animals.

It became a scandal, the Asian Human Rights Commission confirmed the inhuman murders, and when a woman senator Bibi Yasmin Shah raised it in Pakistan’s parliament, Mir Israr Ullah Zehri stood up.

This is what he said:

“These are centuries-old traditions, and I will continue to defend them.”

“Only those who indulge in immoral acts should be afraid.”

Mir Israr Ullah Zehri told the stunned Pakistan parliament on Friday that such Baluch tribal traditions helped stop obscenity. He demanded that other legislators should not make a big issue out of it.

How did the Upper House (Senate) react to this outrageous observation?

With silence. Only three other senators supported Bibi Yasmin Shah, the rest kept quiet.

For those of you who do not know, women have very little freedom or choice in their lives in many tribal societies, and when they dare go against the wishes of their families or against tribal traditions, this is what happens to them. Honour killings, as they are called, are practised in many tribal and feudal societies.

We can’t do much about it, of course.

The Pakistani government is treading carefully – it does not like to upset politicians from the Baluchistan province.

Honor killings are nothing new in many backward Asian societies (I am an Asian – no racial prejudice intended), and very common in the rural parts of Pakistan. But it is rarely, anywhere in the world, that you find a senator defending the practice in a parliament.


The page of Mir Israr Ullah Zehri from the Pakistan Senate website

News from The Nation, Pakistan

Globe and Mail

Honor killings in Pakistan

http://www.dancewithshadows.com/nuts/2008/09/01/mir-israr-ullah-zehri-meet-the-man-who-thinks-its-ok-to-bury-independent-girls-alive/feed/ 67