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Freelance writing jobs in Kochi, Kottayam and Thiruvananthapuram – interested?

Posted on 09 May 2010

Say you are a guy or girl, who can write error-free, clean English. And you want to work from home. And you are based in one of the Kochi, Kottayam and Thiruvananthapuram. Then we may have something for you. We at DWS are planning to hire a bunch of freelance writers. The topics we are […]

Fuck your fucking ad about the fucking flat stomach!

Posted on 12 November 2008

Yea fuck your fucked up ad. For the last one month (or is it more?) whatever fucking site I am on, this fucking ad appears. Sometimes I am on a fucking health website, sometimes I am on Reddit or Digg, sometimes I am on a fucking blog about fucked up computer games, and this fuck-all […]

Darth Vader’s Emo Heart: 29 Star Wars fan-edited music videos

Posted on 10 November 2008

arth Vader. Intergalactic villain. Sith Lord. More machine, less human. Who knew he had a heart that weeps, loves and croons?

There is a dark force behind Putin when he rears his head over Alaska

Posted on 02 October 2008

… and you know who can help us deal with this evil rising.

Higgs-Bison found at LHC!

Posted on 10 September 2008

Yes. The mysteries of the universe hide behind those eyes.

Darth Vader and a stormtrooper get down!

Posted on 30 October 2007

Wish I could do something like this on Indian streets! Though we do not have anything as well-known as a Darth Vader, I think…