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Darth Vader’s Emo Heart: 29 Star Wars fan-edited music videos

Posted on 10 November 2008

arth Vader. Intergalactic villain. Sith Lord. More machine, less human. Who knew he had a heart that weeps, loves and croons?

I have collected a pile of Star Wars fan-edited music videos on this page – a lot of them, obviously, feature Darth Vader either as himself or as Anakin Skywalker. Not everything is Emo, some are good fun action packed stuff.

Here are the better ones I have collected from Youtube to save you the bother. Not all are of professional quality, for sure. But a fan tribute is a fan tribute, right? So here goes!

20 Star wars fan-edited videos

Darth Vader: It´s all coming back to me now…

When Luke suffers, Darth Vader starts to remember his beloved wife – Padmé…

Star Wars Music Video – Everybody Was Kung Foo Fighting

Hardly emo, this one. Its a good fun video set to Everybody was Kingfu Fighting

Breaking Benjamin – Blow Me Away / Star Wars Music Video

Compilation of clips from Star Wars Episodes I, II, and III to Breaking Benjamin – Blow Me Away.

Star Wars music video: Whisper

This is another Star Wars vid. Made to Evanesence’s “Whisper.”

Turning to the Dark Side

This is what the creator has to say about the video: “I did to test out iMovie on the Mini Mac. Ive also been wanting to do a music video chronicling Anakin and Obi-Wan’s relationship and Anakin’s turn to the dark side for some time now.”

Artist: Seether feat. Evanescence – “Broken”

Chasing Cars Star Wars Music Video

Star Wars music video: Wonderboy
Creator: “Here’s a Star Wars vid to Tenacious D’s Wonderboy. Please don’t kill me.” Kill him, I say!

Go The Distance-SW

A Star Wars music video about Luke Skywalker “going the distance”

Star Wars vs. NSYNC

It’s the original Attack of the Clones trailer with “It’s Gonna Be Me” by *NSYNC as the audio.

Star Wars Gangsta Rap 2

This one is quite famous. I think it went viral an year or two back. A music video featuring some of your favorite or perhaps not so favorite Star Wars characters like you’ve never seen them before.

Here it Goes – Star Wars music video

The song is ‘Here it Goes’, by OK Go.

Star Wars Music Video: Hero

A Star Wars music video with “I need a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler as the music.


A Star Wars music video to the song “Hero” by Nickleback/his main singer. Despite the song, it came out really well. Luke Skywalker centric.

Star Wars Music Video: Bring Me To Life

Here’s another Star Wars music video to Evanesense’s “Bring Me To Life.” Hey, what can I say, Star Wars and Evanesense just go so darn well together.

Star Wars: Space Cowboys

A look at the Star Wars saga

Papercut – Linkin Park/Revenge of the Sith

Creator: I thought this song fitted well with Anakin, so I made a video.

Anakin- Run Away

Here the creator has written the entire story of Star Wars! But look at the emo that follows here: “It’s about Anakin who is so confused because of his nightmares and the manipulation of Palpatine. He thinks the jedi and Obi Wan have lied to him and are accusing him of everything that went wrong. He wants to know the truth and run away from the mess. So, driven by his desperation, he turns to the dark side.”

I Don’t Wanna Be

Music: “Silohettes” by Smile Empty Soul
Footage used: Both Star Wars Trilogies
Summary: Luke doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes his parents and Obi-Wan did…

Darth Vader (Wake Me Up)

This video features Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker. It focuses on his everlasting love of his life, his wife Padme. Anakin is convinced that Padme needs to be saved death. But what he will eventually realize is that he is the one that needs to be saved. The song is “Comatose” by Skillet.

Star wars – Blood to Bleed (music vid) Rise Against

Everything Burns (Anakin Skywalker Music Video)

The story of Anakin Skywalker from Episodes II & III to the sound of Everything Burns by Ben Moody and Anastacia

Shape of My Heart (Anakin, to Padme)

Song: Shape of My Heart — The Backstreet Boys

Darth Vader-never meant to be so cold

Darth vader is saying he is sorry for all the lies and hurt he said and caused for everyone that cared about him. He thought in his mind that he was ‘untrusted’ and ‘betrayed’ by padme and he did horrible things to hurt her, hurting obiwan by decieving and killing him, almost killing his own children.

Bad, Bad Thing – Anakin Star Wars Vid

Anakin + dark side = lots of angst.
Bad for him, good for the fangirls (and boys).

Star Wars: Darth Vader-This is why Im hot

Well, that’s why he’s hot. Now you know.

Star Wars: Princess Leia-Daddy’s dirty little sex slave

Something is seriously wrong here. I think the creator got confused about how Leia was having an affair with! – Britney and Star Wars! Well well..

song-im a slave for you
artist-britney spears

Leia’s Bringing Sexy Back

Only for Leia fans, otherwise boring vid

StarWars Music Video / Apologize-Timbaland feat One Republic

Star Wars – Boulevard of Broken Songs

Star Wars music video set to “Boulevard of Broken Songs” by Green Day/Oasis/Travis, mixed by Party Ben
Amor Patris (Love of the Father) Of father-figures and their roles in shaping Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Luke.

The Unforgiven – Star Wars Music Video

The life and death of Anakin Skywalker. Artist – Metallica

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