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Sorry, the gravity flipped :-(

Posted on 03 September 2008

Gravity flips when you least expect it. Like, you are taking a walk in the fields, and FLIP!

while you are walking in the fields...

while you are walking in the fields...

This can take you by surprise. But thankfully, usually no one is around to see.

.. while taking a swim...

.. while taking a swim...

This can get embarrassing. In a pool there is always someone around. Bring your legs slowly close together, and wait for the gravity flip effect to wear off. Don’t bother about the sniggers.

.. it can take you by surprise...

.. it can take you by surprise...

Keep your expression casual. If you appear stunned, people may decide to snap your pic and upload to Flickr. Girls normally stay away from those who flipped; don’t ask me why, its a girl thing.


... in a canoe...

This is not too bad. If you are in a canoe, usually you are with someone who knows you and may even care about you, despite the occasional flip that happens to you.


... while racing a motorcycle...

A gravity flip while racing on your hot motorcycle is not embarrassing, after all you were racing, and that means you are somewhat macho. But now you cannot see where you are going, and that can’t be a good thing.


.. Ursula Andress flipped...

A gravity flip is not a new phenomenon. Ancient records indicate this used to happen occasionally, like in photo of Ursula Andress who was posing for a front-gather underwire bra. Lesson: Underwire bra is good in locations where gravity flips are known to happen.


... not just humans...

Not a good thing at all when it happens to endangered species. But they don’t read blogs, so there is little we can do to help them. First you are endangered, and then gravity flips. Talk about fate.

... on the street..

Well, if a gravity flip hits you while you are on the street, obviously it is embarrassing. There are sometimes hundreds of people around, and you are a marked man. All you can do is to act normal. The flipped are people too, guys. Be normal around them, and behave as if nothing remarkable has happened. If you are a Flipped, act like this guy here. Once flipped, he realised there is not much he can do, and he managed to slide a bucket under his head, and waited it out. The best possible reaction if you get flipped in public.


... happens to everyone, as we said...

As they are normally made of clay, garden gnomes usually do not face any social ostracism once they get Flipped. If you are made of clay, an occasional Gravity Flip is the least of your concerns, anyway.

Hope you are prepared the next time you get Flipped. Take it easy. You are still the same person, and most of us know that.

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