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Mir Israr Ullah Zehri: Meet the man who thinks its OK to bury girls alive if they don’t follow orders

Posted on 01 September 2008

Take a good look at this face, and don’t forget it.

Israr Ullah Zehri, Senator from Baluchistan

Israr Ullah Zehri, Senator from Baluchistan

This is Mir Israr Ullah Zehri, a senator from the Baluchistan provice of Pakistan.

Six weeks back, three girls (teenagers, age 16-18) and two older women were abducted by men from the Umrani tribe. They were shot first, and while injured, thrown into a pit and buried alive. Their crime? Wishing to choose the men they would get married to. The two elder women were their mothers, killed possibly because they were sympathetic to the girls’ wishes. Their bodies were found half-eaten by animals.

It became a scandal, the Asian Human Rights Commission confirmed the inhuman murders, and when a woman senator Bibi Yasmin Shah raised it in Pakistan’s parliament, Mir Israr Ullah Zehri stood up.

This is what he said:

“These are centuries-old traditions, and I will continue to defend them.”

“Only those who indulge in immoral acts should be afraid.”

Mir Israr Ullah Zehri told the stunned Pakistan parliament on Friday that such Baluch tribal traditions helped stop obscenity. He demanded that other legislators should not make a big issue out of it.

How did the Upper House (Senate) react to this outrageous observation?

With silence. Only three other senators supported Bibi Yasmin Shah, the rest kept quiet.

For those of you who do not know, women have very little freedom or choice in their lives in many tribal societies, and when they dare go against the wishes of their families or against tribal traditions, this is what happens to them. Honour killings, as they are called, are practised in many tribal and feudal societies.

We can’t do much about it, of course.

The Pakistani government is treading carefully – it does not like to upset politicians from the Baluchistan province.

Honor killings are nothing new in many backward Asian societies (I am an Asian – no racial prejudice intended), and very common in the rural parts of Pakistan. But it is rarely, anywhere in the world, that you find a senator defending the practice in a parliament.


The page of Mir Israr Ullah Zehri from the Pakistan Senate website

News from The Nation, Pakistan

Globe and Mail

Honor killings in Pakistan

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  1. Meghan says:

    I am not sure that I agree that there is nothing we can do about it… Obviously, we can not move into Pakistan and have a protest (we would likely be the next honor killings) but we can be aware. Value the life we have and respect the life of others we see around us.

    It was not by choice that any one of us exercised, where to be born. We just were, and if we were lucky enough for it to be in the first and enlightened world,then we must be thankful, grateful, and patriotic to our countries who choose to allow its people to value their lives equally.

  2. Jessica says:

    Your last comments about backwards asian nations are racist, patronizing and continuing the history colonization.

  3. cokehead says:

    And these are our allies…

  4. Josh Woods says:

    I got a feeling this dweeb is a PERV! he certainly looks like a PERV doesnt he? he needs a good and thorough beating if you ask me.


  5. bsblocker says:

    It seems that society has a lot of evolving to do before they are a decent people.

  6. Claude Miller says:

    This piece of shit, and everyone like him, should be shot in the face with a .50 caliber gun.
    Then his fucking body should be soaked in pig fat, tanned, and shipped as winter blankets to IRAN.

  7. Hamad Balucci says:

    Hey buddy, I just stumbled on this post while using stumbleupon. It is odd to see that Baluchistan is on the blogosphere since I am a Baluch and from Baluchistan based in the Middle East currently.

    To make a point, I would like to tell you that I’m a former Muslim and a currently a materialist and a Marxist. So you don’t have to worry about me defending Islam or anything here.

    I just want to explain few things. Baluchistan in currently engaged in a war of seperation from a Sunni Islamic Pakistan and a Shiite Islamic Iran because most Baluch are Marxists. Secondly the major forces of Baluchistan have boycotted the Pakistani government. So far only pro-government Baluch a.k.a land lords are in the political system in Baluchistan and since voting for the Pakistani parliment was also boycotted by the guirella leaders and the people of baluchistan. Neither of those two senators represent the people of Baluchistan. So, in mu personal opinion, this is a smear campaign of Baluchi customs by the Pakistani government.

    It is true though that Baluchistan and Baluch are an extremely tribal people with more alligence to the tribe than ethnicity, flag and religion. However, burying women alive is not a Baluchi custom at all. Women in Baluchistan are a different breed. They are encouraged by tribal values to work and support the household. Most of them take up culinary, textiles and sheep herding. As for marriage and freedom of it depends on the tribe itself. The Zehri tribe are known to use such means while the biggest tribe of Baluch, the Rind, which I belong to and also the most honoured one in Baluchi class structure, forbids arranged marriages. It is a rather an odd mix of caveman-style of taking your wife by might and epic love scenarios where love conquers all.

    One other thing is, honor is valued highly by the Baluch. As such honor killings don’t target women but men. If you insult a Baluch in public, eat before he does, have a mustache twirled up in front of a senior ranking Baluch, you’d disgrace him and in most cases he will take revenge. The proof of that is that Baluchi language doesn’t have curse words.

    I hope this provided some insight. and thanks for the post.

  8. Don Cello says:

    What do you expect? These fundamentalist Islamic fascists are throw-backs to Medieval times. They are the WORST kind of religion fanatics and should not be allowed to exist, let alone govern, in a modern world. My suggestion is put them on an island with the Scientologists and let them exterminate each other. The world will be a much better place.

  9. watamelon says:

    While I agree with you that acts like these are irreproachable and need to be stopped, please be aware of what it means to use phrases like “backward Asian societies”. We want people from around the world to celebrate their culture and people, while upholding the value of life and liberties of people.

  10. Some Guy says:

    Slavery was a tradition that goes back before recorded history. Does he defend that, too?

  11. David says:


  12. jack says:

    This is exactly wuts wrong with our (Pakistan) country. uneducated messed up and psychotic people keep coming back into the government….and the public doesn’t see that the biggest threat is not terrorism. Its these guys

  13. Douglas Sanders - Bloomingdale IL says:

    The next time you stupid, whiney womens rights bitches in america start complaining about how you don’t like cooking and cleaning and serveing as a woman should you ought to remember that the muslems outnumber us and will take over in the future and your grandchildren will be subject to this so you might as well leave that womens lib crap behind.

  14. david says:

    i don’t condone honour killings at all, and frankly there should be more done to protect people from the repercussions of over-zealous religious practices.

    having said that, the remark that “Honor killings are nothing new in many backward Asian societies” is a disgustingly ethnocentric and arrogant thing to say. we shouldn’t presume such elitism, to accuse others of being backward, when our own societies are so far from perfect.



  15. Lars says:

    Mir Israr Ullah Zehri must be buried alive. Today.

  16. El Cagón says:

    Bury a watermelon in your ass Mir Israr Ullah Zehri

  17. Lindsay says:

    I say we give them a taste of their own medicine, if you know what I mean.

  18. ectoplasmic says:

    all pakistanis are shit and assholes. I really hate this nation. If ever I see a pakistani, my day always get ruined. All the bad stuff are in Pakistan such as terrorists, murderers, assholes, dumb people, etc.

  19. SFT says:

    Kill him. Just kill him. Goddamit, we will succeed in someday dragging homo sapiens out of the dark ages. Social darwinism is not always wrong.

  20. spincycle says:

    Nuke ‘em all.


  21. Rais says:

    I read all the comments, actually this is not the tribs, or system, through which these poor girls are punished. In case these girls belongs to their own homes, I know that the girls belongs to posh baluch families they having boy friends and law ans system is only applicable on poors.

    I will say that this the weakness of the State Law.

  22. Laura says:

    Hammad-Thanks for the insight, I had no idea about any of that.

    I agree that this is a tricky subject, as are all subjects that have to do with cultural values and human rights. On one hand, what happened to those women was in no way shape or form tolerable and it should not be endorsed, no matter what tradition dictates. I think that change must come from within these societies but they need to be aware that the world is an ever-changing places and murders over what many others consider to be a right and something that should be able to be given freely will be looked upon severely when brought to attention.

    I understand the anger in the comments from this post, really I do. But acting out in anger against this act would only make things worse. Understanding is needed in order to truly bridge gaps between cultures and hopefully an approach about changing the rules regarding actions against those who are thought to have committed an ‘immoral’ act. It’s frustrating that this happened and that there is not a whole lot we can do at the moment to remedy this situation.

    Racist and negative general statements are not helping the situation. Not all Pakistanis are all terrorists is incorrect.

    I agree something needs to be done and I think trying to get more support behind protecting people from unjust actions (although this was more than unjust. It’s worse than disgusting, words really can’t describe it).

  23. Rami says:

    India should just nuke Pak and put those miserable SOBs out of their misery.

  24. objectivereporter says:

    I support raising awareness about deplorable, ignorant crime and human rights abuse but please get the facts straight. I would like to see an edit about how the Pakistani senate yesterday passed a unanimous resolution condemning the ‘burying alive’, and has ordered a serious investigation. The bodies were not found half-eaten by animals. In fact only two of the supposed three/four bodies have been found so far. Three people have been arrested and there was a lot of outrage by lots of Senators (not just the women parliamentarians) over this guy’s comments. Furthermore, lots of elders/religious scholars from Balochistan have denied that their customs support anything barbaric like this at all.

  25. salamander says:

    “Your last comments about backwards asian nations are racist, patronizing and continuing the history colonization.” — Jessica


    If I may quibble, he said honor killings “are nothing new in many backward Asian societies”. There was no reference to Asian nations as a whole as being backward (although reading through these comments, apparently people are taking it that way). But these tribal cultures and others with their so-called ‘honor killings’ -are- backward for following these traditions, wouldn’t you say? And I speak as a southeast Asian-born US citizen who sees plenty of back-assward thinking in Western societies to know ignorant and backward ideas respect no cultural boundaries. Take ectoplasmic’s idiotic statements about Pakistanis. He may as well be the Senator from Baluchistan as far as I’m concerned.

  26. Ghulam Mustafa says:

    ectoplasmic, Watch your language.



  28. Raza says:

    Do not confuse criminality with culture. Wanna know what the common Pakistani thinks of this barbaric act? Read this:

  29. Hamad Balucci says:

    Interesting comments. First of all, this issue is not religious. The Baluch never in any time in history followed Islam. In fact most Baluch are Zigris, a branch mysticism that is influenced by Persian Sufism and Buddhist cultures. Second of all, this man does not represent the Baluchi society as I explained in my earlier comments. To say it in lay terms. He is a government stooge. Third of all, I think the author is right when he said backward Asian societies. Because political correctness is simply incorrect. Baluch, including myself, do consider ourselves lagging behind in civilizations train. We have a language that is oral and not written. Our literature is oral and not written.

    The endorsement of Zehri and the Zehri commentator comes from their alligence to the government of Pakistan, an Islamic republic. Founded for the sole purpose of Islam. Baluchis never at any point considered themselves Pakistanis, Iranians, nor Afghanis. There is a lot of work to be done in education fields and women and human rights in Baluchistan including dismantling of the tribal caste system.


  30. Infidel Westerner says:

    How many more honor beatings do these women need before they realize how things work over there? Just stay 3 steps back, eyes to the floor and for your own sake stay pregnant and illiterate.


    …sounds like someone needs an honor beating!

    I’m making jokes, and yeah, they’re pretty distasteful but really people why put it in the media? Why all the fuss? This is how they live. I’m not saying respect them, instead you should nothing them. They throw acid in the face of their women and bury them alive. It’s tradition people. Like watching the Christmas story over here. Cherished and loved. So I say if they want to keep their women clothed in curtains, and then savagely beat them to an inch of their lives for something like learning how to read or making eye contact with a man then I say let em! For all you know this quote by Ullah Zehri was taken totally out of context. I’ll bet he never uses a closed fist when he beats his wife, and only burns her with acid where the curtain will strategically cover(which is everywhere if you’re not aware.)

    God bless Pakistani domestic violence. It’s like the Asian Maury Povich.

  31. ectoplasmic says:

    Hey Laura, read your own comment, it was like this “Not all Pakistanis are all terrorists is incorrect.” if you want to reflect a positive point of view with regards to everyone has said, you should watch your grammar.

    “NOT all Pakistanis are all terrorists is INcorrect” means all Pakistanis are Terrorists. Thats double negative, means it is positive.

    And hey Ghulam Mustafa, i assume youre a pakistanis. You are all terrorists you motherfucking assholes. You dont even know how to use a deodorant. Youre all stinking shit.

  32. Tim says:

    What a screwed up worthless piece of shit place this is.No wonder India so desperately wants to nuke the shit out of it.Pakistan the armpit of the world.

  33. pureterror says:

    Again, this story tells us that these people are really out of their mind ! These crazy people will definitely nuke the Western World & Non-Believers whenever possible, as they have have shown their brutal faces 7 years back on 911, and there is no doubt that they will pay any cost to defend their “centuries-old traditions” by killing innocent people and destroying the world. and they call this ‘honor-killing’

  34. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh says:

    he is fucker
    he is mother fucker!

  35. Ghulam Mustafa says:

    hey ectoplasmic, I have been polite with you before and I am going to talk to you in a lenient way once again. You are kind of people who are responsible for the sufferings of the whole world. You people have seen that you can’t do a single thing in Afghanistan without Pakistan. It is Pakistan that is taking your war on its shoulders, Pakistan is bearing your fear on itself. What you think you people could have done without Pakistan. I believe you people are real terrorists who are putting the war on the whole world. You have problems with North Korea, you have problem with Iran, you have problems with Iraq, you have problems with Sudan, you have problems with Afghanistan, you have problems with Libia . So, then who is terrorist. You are supporting Israel knowing the fact that it is the greatest enemy of the humanity on the face of the earth. But you don’t think anything wrong with Israel. So, try to change your attitude and try to think positively.

  36. Ghulam Mustafa says:

    About Mir Asrar Ullah Zehri, he has done a heinous crime. There is no place for concepts like “Honour Killings” in Islam. So, he must be taken care of for committing such a crime.

  37. salamander says:

    By what I can tell, ectoplasm is simply trolling. Saying stuff to rile people’s emotions up for the pure amusement of it. Best thing to do is to ignore him.

    Here’s a nice article on the sociopathic tendencies of trolls in general in case anyone is interested in understanding their mindset.

  38. Jaffer says:

    The Zehris are a Brahui people; as are the Mengals and a few others in Baluchistan. Their language is a Dravidian language & their culture reflects a tradition spanning a few thousand years, preceding the advent of the Scythians (whence Seistan derives it’s name)when the Brahui tribes lived in the cities of Moenjo Dero. The other Dravidian language & culture in Pakistan is that of the Burushaski. (Notice the the “bru” in both the languages?). For all you lovers of antiquity, perhaps you should bore deeper into the cultural anthropology of the Dravidian cultures and see if they had similar practices a 1000 or so years ago. This is an ancient culture in practice. It has nothing to do with Islam nor with the Baluch people. The Baluch culture is rampant with tales of love and romance & their women are proud of their heritage.

  39. Jaffer says:

    BTW, all these people concerned about the lot of Muslim women, where are their indignant comments about Muslim women of Gujarat who raped by co mobs in a genocidal frenzy? why weren’t they paraded around at international symposiums like Mukhtaran Bibi?

  40. AP says:

    Jaffer is right. These customs are older than Islam!! The Baluch’s are part of the original inhabitants of India i.e the Dravidians or South Indians.

  41. Arshid says:

    I can understand the anger in almost all the comments in this post, all reactions seems to be natural consequence of this inhuman act rather barbarous crime. But let me tell you that this type of inhuman behavior is not limited to Balochistan only but is infact an ongoing problem in every patriarchal, conservative society. But the question remains how is responsible for keeping us backward, yes i know,primarily the responsibility lies with the state,Why it has so far failed to protect its citizens, why there is no adequate legislation against domestic violence, why it has so failed to take acy action against all those responsible for this henious crime, why mentally sick like Senator Israr Ullah Zehri are allowed to sit in the parliament.
    But we also need guidance, help and support from the concerned people of the world as well. Nothing could be solved by blaming and by passing rascist remarks against each other, Let us joined hands togather against the perpetrator of these henious crimes and all thos who justifies horrific murderes in the name of traditions so that no one could dare to buried alive any woman any where in the world.

    I knew that there are many in Pakistan who would not like to highlight such issues to avoid bringing a bad name to the country or certain tribes. But the question remains, what would make us a respectable nation; highligting and dealing with the issue, or burying it. Please think over it?

  42. bill says:

    maybe he should have one of his family members buried alive!! better yet lets bury him to his head and let the local animals chew on him. then post a sign regarding all that is going on.

  43. quimbay says:

    Dear All readers of this page and those who post comments. To my view it is a classic case of making opinion about whole society on one/isolated act of barbarism. Nothing we all say will amount to condemnation that is needed to condemn this act. But i think most of the users here really “like to dance with shadows”. Come out of shadows and see the light and also see the other presepective (condemnation of act going on in Pakistan).

    There are 160 million people in pakistan and half of them illiterate not becuase they chose to remain so but becuase they are soo poor that they cant afford it. With ignorance and illiteracy grow such behaviours.

    As for generalising about society if US has maximum number of rapes reported every years no one assumes that every US citizen is a rapist. Or if maximum number of peasants suicide in India every eyars no one assumes that India is harsh on its agriculture community. So my request to all (deceant & educated) users of this page is to be objective in their condemnation of this henious act not subjective.

    Otherwise if u just want a place to bash Pakistan or Islam or Asian Societies, then why find such news clipppings. I think u all can very well do so without any specific reason.

    In end i wish all of u Happy “Pakistan/Islam/Asia Bashing”

    Kind regards.

  44. epic says:

    I don’t think all Pakistanis are assholes, but so far all Pakistanis I have worked with are arrogant and incompetent. They justify their beliefs by quoting savage idiots who lived thousands of yeas ago.

    I believe it is our responsibility to preserve life at all costs regardless of religion or race, if you follow a religion who promotes and justifies evil you need to be taken off our beautiful planet, cause we live in a time where technology and reason is king and your barbaric ways will not suffice here.

    Honor an death contradict each other, loss of life cannot be justified.


  45. Charlene says:

    Bless these woman who were killed. All we can hope for is Karma and they they will get it in the end.

  46. Reality says:

    Bastard Balouch.
    Bugtee was also a killer.These guys doesn’t do any thing for there people

  47. Reality says:

    Hey ectoplasmic ,
    Biggest Terrorist of this world is Israel and US.
    Yah there are backward peoples in Pakistan but your words are like some Paksitani have fucked your mother in front of you.

  48. mmog says:

    Stories like this are the best proof against the ‘multiculturalism’ nonsense that’s so fashionable these days.

    All cultures are NOT equal. Western culture IS superior to this backward, cruel, and EVIL tribal culture. Treating these people as EQUALS is a mistake. Their actions prove their inferiority.

  49. Bramsh says:

    Baloch Women Speak.
    On Wednesday 10, September 2008 Baloch Women Panel (BWP) issued a press release, in Quetta, Pakistani-occupied Balochistan. Regarding the recent incident of killings of Baloch women.

    Press release:

    People like Shaheed Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti whom uphold the Baloch values and not Israr Ullah Zehri. There is no place for customs such as burying the women alive, in Baloch society. Those who say that it is part of “our culture” are defending their feudalistic way of life and are portraying Baloch values incorrectly, to safe guard their wasted interests.

    Punishments like burying women alive have no place in any society and Baloch society vigorously condemns this heinous act. Those who practice such kind of acts are the so-called Balochs, which are the representatives of Pakistan. They are the ones who do such inhuman acts with the backing of Pakistani establishment, then call it a part of Baloch culture.

    If some one has upheld the Baloch values then he is Shaheed Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti. He was the person who fought for the justice of a woman, she was not a Baloch by race, which was raped by Pakistani army officers. He never cared about his home and life just to defend that woman, eventually he embraced martyrdom but not betrayed Baloch values.

    In Baloch culture, Quran only parallels the respect for women. The ruminants of Sandeman System who sit in the Pakistani parliament, if they do not know about Baloch values then they have no right to address it.

    Now days there is uproar by some people in the East and West whose tireless tongues are continuously criticizing Baloch values. Then they must know that today in Balochistan there are thousands of Baloch people are missing, and there are hundreds of mass graves in Dera Bugti and Kohlu.

    During the present regime of Pakistan many Balochs were burnt alive by Pakistani army, we ask these “human rightists” that where is your love for humanity when Balochs are being burnt, where is your human rights when relatives were not allowed to mourn the deaths of their loved ones, which are killed by Pakistani army. How can these humanists answer these aggrieved families?

    But the sad thing is this that some Balochs sitting in London say that they do not want a free Balochistan where women are being buried alive and where rulers are like Israr Ullah Zehri. We must remind them that our struggle is against the individuals like Israr Ullah Zehri because people like him are prolonging the yoke of enemy in Balochistan, the Pakistani occupation of Balochistan.

    Our, Baloch, freedom will not only bring equality and love but it will also kick out Baloch traitors. Baloch war of liberation is not going to stop, if it had been then a landlord from Sindh becoming president of Pakistan would have solved all the problems. Our destination is a free Balochistan and one day we will reach to our destination.


  50. Ali Raza says:

    An evil man like the many in this sorry cesspool of a country

  51. Jim says:

    Zehri is the uncle of the girls killed.

    The question I have is why Zardari – another Balochi and president of pakistan not condemn Zehri who also is one of the leaders of PPP, Zardiar and his son are chairmem of.

    Tribal loyalty above everything else I guess?

    Shame! Shame! Shame!

  52. aryan says:

    just a comment on all the aggressive comments……
    so all you people who are generalizing on pakistan and its backwardness and fanaticism and what not….do you think killing them, hating them, nuking them is the answer?
    so suicide bombers and thier philosophy of bombing people who you believe are wrong is in fact a justified philosophy?
    hate mongering is so easy, killing apparently has become easy too….
    noone wants to do the realistic and possibly the most longlasting solution….
    engage with these people and reform them towards humanity and justice.

    what of the incestuous cults in america?
    what of the pedophiles?
    what of the drunkards beating up their wives all over the world?
    what of the man in europe who raped and kept his own daughter and his children in a basement for over a decade?
    just because they live in the west and don’t term there reasons as being cultural or religious they are less evil?

    come on people….evil exists everywhere…in every shape and form….
    hate the evil….not its physical geographical representatives alone.

  53. Malik says:

    This fucking men should be hanged till death coz he is supporting ideas
    that were once abolished by Holy Prophet PBUH
    and he is the one who is disturbing the image of Islam and Muslims in the western world
    these non Islamic traditions should be abolished within all provinces
    weather it is Sindh,Punjab Balochistan or NWFP
    these type of extreemists should be killed who are supporting ideas that are against Human Rights in Islam

  54. laila qureshi says:

    well first of all this is the worst thing ever happend on this earth…. i dont understand which kind of a law has PAKISTAN…… its a shame for human rights dat they r keeping mum..!!!!!!! its a shame for PAKISTAN and mankind..!!!!!! i can answer only 1 thing….. according to ISLAM a girl cant b forced to marry any person she dsnt want to…… in the HOLY QURAN its written that a girl or boy can choose her/his live partner…!!!!!! i dnt knw what kind of muslims live der…!!!!!!!!

  55. Sahar says:

    This SOB should be buried alive himself! They should make it a slow process. Bury him, in 2 mins pull him back up, then put him back in & then do it all over again so he suffers every moment!

  56. Sahar says:

    Mr. Aryan, i suppose u do not understand the word TORTURE. Pedophiles, rapists indeed deserve severe punishment. But we’re talking about INNOCENT beings. How can u even compare the two? Clearly u do not get the point. Perhaps u’ll have a better understanding of it when u or ure loved ones are put thru it. Lemme ask u this, would u prefer being buried alive, or would u rather get raped??

  57. Sahar says:

    One more thing Aryan. The issues u mentioned, yes this stuff happens all over the world. But what was the purpose of our country? most of all our religion? What does it teach us? The world u speak of, that is quite different from tat of ours. Two wrongs do not make right.

  58. Nida says:
    sign this if you want to remove Mir Israr Ullah Zehri from office.

  59. Saira Junaid says:

    MIR is one of the worst people we know.. he shud not even be buried alive but he shud be tortured and killed in v v much pain. Some of u people talk about nations in response to what PEOPLE do.. if u think thats justified or thats appropriate, i dont think anything i say can make a difference. but would not it be better if you people come out of the shadow and start to GET INFORMATION and KNOWLEDGE about the truth of this world? MANY things are not as they seem to be or as the media propagates them. So plz, get out there and gather information about the TRUTH. abusing ISLAM or PAKISTAN wont help because u know nothing about either of them… whatever these people do is not AN ISLAMIC ACT because they do everything that ISLAM prohibits. they are MUSLIMS ONLY BY NAME and no more… whatever is happening in PAKISTAN is a propaganda against PAKISTAN. and if u spend a little time in gathering info, you can v well see who is involved in that!

    i am only having pity @ u

    who the hell told u that these people are islamic fundamentalists??? just because they are muslims does NOT mean that are followers or Islam or islamic fundamentalists. Do plz, just dont speak of what u know nothing about… WHAT DO U KNOW ABOUT RELIGION OR ISLAM TO SPEAK LIKE THAT? U WANNA KNOW, LEARN ISLAM AND THEN SPEAK. Because Clinton n Monica did something, shud we blame the whole christian religion? Because there is a HIGHEST killing and robbery and RAPE ratio in AMERICA ITSELF, shud we call christians lozers? or FUNDAMENTALISTS? O COME ON… get a break and grow up… whatever the media propagates, you people take up.. dont even bother to try n KNOW the truth…

    i am a muslim and a fundamentalist ALHUMDULILAH… by being fundamentalist, it doesnt mean that i am not allowed to go out of my house, or am to marry against my WILL… MY FAMILY IS A TRUE ISLAMIC FAMILY ALHUMDULILAH.. I am a MS in COMPUTER NETWORKS, i WORK, i have a LOVE MARRIAGE WITH MY PARENT’s WILL and I goto work alone and come back alone…

    whatever these people do is related to the CULTURE and NORMS and it has nothng to do with religion. PLZ NOTE! Our Prophet HAZRAT MOHAMMAD (SAWW) STOPPED people from killing small girls when He came (which was a tradition in ARAB at that time, just like its a tradition in INDIA till now)..

    @ JACK..

    You are absolutely RIGHT! our government consists of people who are educated themselves but education DOESNT play any role on them.. they belong to traditional families who provoke slavery and slaugterring and they keep their people uneducated so that they can continue to rule forever..

    @ LARS
    Mir israr ullah shud be placed on 1 open road and people shud be invited to have rocks n pebbles and they shud hit him with them until he dies in pain… endless pain, he shud see in this world. and Allah promises that people like him will see endless pain in the here after inshaAllah too…

    who the fucking hell r u? if u are an american, i pity ya because 99% of u intelligent dull-ass americans dont even know where pakistan is. and once again, whatever media propagates, u get it up ur asses because u r too messed up with ur pathetic lives to go out and find the truth… the terrorism.. haha! ur bloody american copers come ever bloody second day and hit us with a bloody fucking missile of urs… thats terrorism. about murders and assholes, america is on the top of the list. as u can see from anywhere on the internet.. haha @ dumb people. plz go out and ask any american where the war is going on in asia. and what do they say? maybe france because u people r so intelligent that u dont even know where france is.. Lol..

    @ RAMI
    Lol.. o come on! like mumbai is one of the most polluted places on earth.. and do u actually dont rem about ur 80 yr olds marrying 6 yr olds? Let me remind u that these pakistani backward n illiterate villages TOOK THIER NORMS from the HINDU society when they were the indian subcontinent. so plz, solve ur issues first and then poke ur nose in others…

    u r living in ignorance man.. so no point talking to an ignorant man. adios!

    @ JIM
    Zardari was appreciated by the AMERICA and AMERICA bought him to us. u know how the US wants to dictate everyone else… the qs is: IF THE US IS AGAINST TERRORISM AND SOCIAL INEQUALITY, WHY SHE STILL SUPPORTS PEOPLE LIKE ZARDARI WHO BELONG FROM THE BRUTAL AND INAPPROPRAITE STATE OF MIND???????

  60. bryony1 says:

    # Jessica says:
    September 1st, 2008 at 10:21 pm
    “Your last comments about backwards asian nations are racist, patronizing and continuing the history colonization.”

    You don’t think shooting and burying half-alive women is “backward”?
    Respecting cullture is generally a good thing to do for the people in other countries. Murder is not a cultural value anyone else has to respect. You’re no feminist, that’s for sure, but the real question is:
    Are you human?

  61. jlm says:

    This, like violence against any person, is a deplorable act and a shame. However, this is not a symptom of “backwards Asian societies”, violence against women is a systemic problem in the majority world as well. There are many cases of abuse against women in North America, often by officers of the law and members of the armed forces, who frequently do not face the strong arm of the law when they take these actions. Additionally, women die early from lack of access to healthcare, poverty, racism and sexual exploitation, all systemic symptoms of a sick society. Women are not valued equally here, and yet, there is always a sense of “othering”, when we point the finger at other societies that, in some cases (just like here), degrade the same groups of people that we treat with disdain as well. Additionally, to say something racist, as a racialized person, does not undo the racism implied. If the acts of a minority were to represent the whole majority, than by what a few confederate flag waving, sheet wearing racist white people did to people of colour, all white people could be defined as racist, murdering monsters. If one man rapes, not all men are rapists. If one woman steals, not all women are theives. Time to look at how these horrible incidents take place in a context of preventing such tragedies, not attributing them to a racial group.

  62. Atlantica says:

    i don’t condone honour killings at all, and frankly there should be more done to protect people from the repercussions of over-zealous religious practices.

    having said that, the remark that “Honor killings are nothing new in many backward Asian societies” is a disgustingly ethnocentric and arrogant thing to say. we shouldn’t presume such elitism, to accuse others of being backward, when our own societies are so far from perfect.

  63. Dr.Shariq Rajput says:

    totaly agree with Mrs.Saira Junaid….but i should inform u regarding one thing…that there is no use pf explaining these kinda of stuff to these dumb asses…wht thy gona do…read it with sum alcoholic drink in there hand and next morning every thing is wiped out from there minds…thy just know wht thy have been feeded neva bother to take interest in seeking the truth…!!!

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