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Bhangarh: Haunted city, where government tells you to keep off!

Posted on 26 August 2008

Bhangarh: Signboard warning people off

Bhangarh: Signboard warning people off

There are ghosts, and there are haunted places. How many haunted places, though, have the distinction of being acknowledged by a government? None, we think.Take Bhangarh in the state of Rajasthan, India for example. Local mythology says the place is haunted, as local mythologies are wont to do. But in this case, the Archaelogical Survey of India (ASI) in charge of it warns people off the area!

The ASI is the official government body in charge across India of all the monuments and ruins.

Take a look at this ASI signboard in Bhangarh. The signboard is placed 1 Km away from the Bhangarh fort, which has been in ruins since the 17th century, when Bhangarh was deserted overnight. People do not enter the area as it is believed that if you do, you do not return.

What does the signboard say?

Here is a translation:

The Government of India
The Archeological Survey of India, Bhangarh

Important warning:
1. Entering the borders of Bhangarh before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited.
2. Shepherds and woodcutters who enter Bhangarh area will face legal action.
3. The Kewda or Pandanus trees found in Bhangarh area belong to the Archaelogy Survey of India. Is it forbidden to subject this tree to any kind of harm.
Note: Anyone flouting of the rules mentioned above will face legal action.
By order
Supervisor, Archaelogical Survey Board

True, the signboard does not say that there are ghosts in the area, or the place is haunted. But the signboard is extremely unusual.

In and around Bhangarh

In and around Bhangarh

Photo courtesy

Locals give the Bhangarh fort, and the reasonably large area around it, a wide berth. And this is India, where there are people roaming about everywhere. But locals do not enter the area here due to some popular spooky stories associated with Bhangarh. And ASI has never denied the stories, despite everyone using the signboard as a recognition by the government of the paranormal nature of the place, or said that the signboard was placed for some other mundane reason.

Those who swear by the Bhangarh’s resident ghosts, say that the ASI too is scared of the parnanormal activity associated with the fort; hence the ASI board has been put up at a safe distance from the fort, next to a temple. Many locals and visitors claim that they have witnessed paranormal activities – like sounds of music and dancing and wierd color spots in photographs of chambers.

The mythology of Bhangarh

Story A – Standard of story of lustful wizard and beautiful maiden

One of the stories say that the Bhangarh  was cursed by a tantrik (a wizard who practices dark arts), Singhia, who was in love with the beautiful princess Ratnawati of Bhangarh. Singhia added a love potion to a bowl of oil that belonged to the princess, but Singhia’s hopes were dashed (literally) when Ratnawati hurled the bowl on a wall that collapsed and buried Singhia.

A dying Scindia cursed the kingdom of Bhangarh saying that the city would be wiped out overnight, and would never be inhabited again, except for the temples. Shortly after the death of Singhia, the whole city was sacked and destroyed in the Bhangarh-Ajabgarh wars.

Bhangarh was never inhabited again, but the area around it is dotted with temples. Believers consider this a living proof of the wizard’s curse.

Story B – The real-estate obsessed wizard

The other story goes that Singhia the Wizard, practised his dark arts in the outskirts of the city. When the early Kings of Bhangarh built the city, Singhia warned them that he would not interfere with the city as long as the they did not infringe on his settlement. The kings were respectful of Singhia’s privacy, but one arrogant king refused to heed Singhia and paid for it. When the buildings overshadowed the wizard’s work area, the whole city collapsed and all its citizens were forced to flee. Since then, no one has dared to settle in the city again.

Some roofless constructions at Bhangarh

Some roofless constructions at Bhangarh Image Courtesy

Bhangarh was built in the 17th century, by Raja Madho Singh, younger brother of Man Singh, a general of Emperor Akbar’s army. At that time, Bhangarh had a population of over 10,000. Now, not a soul lives in the ruined but still beautiful city. Bhangarh was the precursor of the exquisite old city of Jaipur, with its havelis, colorful bazaars, and temples.

Havelis are elaborate residences, almost miniature palaces, built around large courtyards. The walls are painted in bright colors with detailed frescoes. If the old city of Jaipur is anything to go by, Bhangarh must have been an extremely prosperous city. Today nothing remains but the temples.

PS. We are not believers in ghosts or haunted places here at DWS. But we do sometimes wish there were ghosts!

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  1. deep says:

    i guess i wanna visit this place….if any1 intrested…just mail me once…in my mail i.e

  2. neha says:

    this is neha 4m jaipur…
    i want to widen my knowlegde abt the haunted place…if u could publish more about the same….

  3. archer says:

    this truly is anexcellent work of talent as i traveller i do like roaming around and i have to bhangarh too but the way this article is narreted is simply awesome
    all credits to the narrater ……..

  4. Shan says:

    Anybody wanna go check it out over the weekend?

  5. abhijeet says:

    there is nothing in there, went there at night and didnt find anything.
    i wont deny the ghost theory bt i didnt c nythng unusual xcept a sound of sum1 walking behind me..

  6. sandeep kumar says:

    i want to go to bhangarh with my friends after sunset, is there any legal problem really to go to the place?

  7. sandeep kumar says:

    i will be going to this place anybody interseted………..
    i will make him/her feel the unusual thing? i m sure

  8. Gautam says:

    I would definitely like to visit this place. Other than the Old Shiva Temple at Asirgarh (where Ashwatthama is supposedly present), this is another strange place on my list now!

  9. dean winchester says:

    yaa count me in

  10. dean winchester says:

    seriously i want to go there observe things neone intrested we can arrange track

  11. kash says:

    the story can be true but on the other side it could be fake.we should just believe on what we see.

  12. Vikas says:


    I would also like to visit this place because i love to face ghosts…i have been waiting for this opportunity and now when i know bout this place i wud really visit this place at night. hope the govt allows i m sure i will come back safe….Its all rumours about this place body knows the truth because no body has gone out to check it at night… we will do it…Bhangarh we are coming….

  13. ashutosh says:

    this is not real thing…..
    though i believe in ghosts but this is too much ..
    this thing is cooked up by the villagers..
    and everybody believe them…

  14. saif mustafa khan says:

    hey dean winchester,
    im saif mustafa khan and i went to bhaanghar after sunset last week…4 of us went and we didnt find anything …we just heard a lot of bats screaming and a few dogs…thats it…and also it was a full moon night even then no unusual experience…..we just had a blast there made fun of the ghosts and safely came back….ooh and yeah this salman khan film “suryavanshi ” is based on this place….nothing scary over there.

  15. saif mustafa khan says:

    here’s my email address mail me for further queries…

  16. sagar gupta says:

    I want to certainly go to this place as I have never been to such a place. will any legal action be taken against me if I go to this place?

  17. Rohan Garg says:

    I have been to Bhangarh at night and did not experience anything unusual. I went there at around 1:30 in the night. There was some puja going on. We were four friends. We walked on the pathway going to the fort. We walked around 1 kilometer but it was very dark and we decided to retreat. The whole atmosphere was very eerie and with excavation sites all around, it felt really spooky. However, we did not notice anything unusual. Overall, it was a nice little adventure and I hope to visit this place again, this time for a longer period of time. :)

  18. avinash says:

    i m 4m jaipur.
    i will definitely visit the place….
    bcoz i think this thing is not possible..

  19. Deepesh from hyd says:

    i believe in all of these things & i hv visited a lot of place in rajs. really i m eager 2 know somethin extraa abt this place as u can deliver me on my account

  20. Angad says:

    Hi everybody,
    I went to bhangarh last year in december with 2 of my friends. We reached there in the afternoon and waited for the sunset.It was really dark after as there are no street lights which is very obvious. We spent the whole night inside one of the ruined room of the fort and had a whole lot of fun as we were drunk.After a few hours att around 11 pm we heard some noise which really scared us. We just held our position and then we saw it was a local sheperd with his goats.We then interacted with him and got to know well known creepy stories about the place from him but he also had the view that all these are nothing but stories.He told us that he is been coming to this place at night for many years but never saw any paranormal activity.But its really a good place to travel. I put up in delhi so if anybody interested can contact me at



  22. prasha says:

    ok this is why people are killed and “lost: because of stupid idiots like u guys..who take the risks.. u realy think people will make this up?

  23. shishir says:

    Dear Friends!
    It is true and If I am not wrong definitely not a fake story, Now I am telling you our experience of Bhangarh Fort, we were four friends and we went to Bhangarh Fort in October 2005, After going through the main fort we had an experience of some unusual things. One of my Friend Vikram and me feeling some warmness in one Part of the Fort which is on top of the hill. We also experienced some unusual screams of Women and after reaching the Garden we saw one old man, he was weeping, when we asked him about his crying he told us that his cattles are lost and he was looking for them for the last 3 days but he never got anything. It was not unusual but when we reach the Ajmeri Darwaza at the Fort same person was sitting with his cattles and he asked us for the water and the amazing thing was that he told us that he never met us before! Lots & lots of experience of Bhangarh are with us If somebody wants to share their personal experiences please mail me : my mail ID is

  24. ashish says:

    this is the most horror place in india i have visited this place three times

    we werw go from bikes

  25. NEHA NAAZ says:


  26. ABSAR says:


  27. siddarth says:

    well i don,t think there is such things.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ghosts dont exists

  28. rajendra says:

    hi friends, really this story scares. now i am in gujarat i will surely visit this bhangarh. i love travelling and in my life i have met a ghost which disappears before me. this story seems calling me to visit and bhangarh i am coming.just wait……..

  29. snehiL... says:

    oh.. . abt ghosts, belive ‘r not, i had Xperience.. . at ma old house. not only me, ma mother also had unusual xperiences.. . like broking of glasses, sm1 folowing u, feeling of being observed, things fall like sme1 throws.. .
    m intrested in knowing more abt bhangarh, plz friends, can u mail me sme pics n ur enperiences,

  30. Ujay says:

    Ok guys a real feast for all those who are craving and hungry for experiencing a ghost in their lives………..

    Get married to a very good looking girl and the experience will begin the very moment…. But mind you not onne ghost but you’ll have two including the mother in law and if you are lucky you can have three or four ghosts depending on how many sister in laws you get…


  31. DARSHANA says:

    could ne 1 jus tell me if there are more intersting n weird pics related 2 dis place.. i would like 2 know both good n bad experiences b4 goin there.

  32. gamer boi says:

    i m nt gonna visit there……

  33. asheesh says:

    main dausa me rahta hu or bhangarh ke pas se raat ko nikalne par wahan se dhol manjire ki awaz aati,or kachh awaze jo raaste se gujarane walon ko rokti hai.isliye hum tej awaj me car ka srereo bajate jab wahan se niklate hai.kahte h wahan raat ko sabse pahle bhoot(jind) safai karte h fir paani ka chhidkav hota h or meeting hoti h bhooton ki…….
    lekin meri girlfriend 2 bar raat me wahan gayi h……….raat me wahan sirf 2 jagah safe hai 1:-someshwar mahadev 2:- balaji ka temple…….

    wahan k talab me main naha chhuka hu;….lekin din me……

    wahan kewade k flowers me snakes rahate h……….

    bhangarh ka histry ye h ki raani bhanumati or ek tantrik me fight huyi to tantrik ne raat bhar me poora bhangarh ujad diya…….

    us tantrik ki chhtreee pahad par hai…….

    my experience in bhangarh:—-din me bhi andar jaate hi ajeeb feeling hoti h jaise aatmaye aas pas hi hai…………

    ok enjoy bhangarh

    waise jagah shandar h

  34. Rahul says:

    there is nothing scary about bhangarh, just a myth, we went there… stayed till 2:30 am, there was nothing wrong going on, we had 2 bottles of beer,,, nothing unusual was found, but ya of course in some of the photos a strange shadowhas appeared,

  35. ASMA says:

    hey peple…..this is real i guess…for some decades this place in indian history is the only one to have 0 popuation…..
    has anyone thought why is it so!!!!!!

  36. Viren says:


    Please do not try to visit this place in night.
    I know I might sound weird and people who do not believe in ghost would laugh at me
    but i (we) had real bad experience with this.

    I just dont want anybody to go there and experience what we had.

  37. Akbar says:

    Hey I would be interested…can you tell me how do i go there I put up in Mumbai

  38. Akbar says:

    besides not to mention there has been official 23 deaths of ppl who have visited that place…this line is from wikipedia Some people who visit this place say that there is a strange feeling in the atmosphere of Bhangarh, which causes symptoms of anxiety and restlessness. 23 people have been said to have committed suicide.

  39. Ankir R says:

    All this can be true as well as false, but if there is GOOD , then there is BAD as well !!!!! and it there is GOD then there is EVIL as well…

    So guys , be little mature …

  40. Sumit says:

    I heard about Bhangarh Fort from one of my friend and after that I search details in google and find it amazing and interesting.

    I wanna go and see this Bhangarh…..

  41. varun says:

    guys lemme know if anyone’s interested in hitting this place (and we can plan the stuff)…drop in a liner to me @

  42. Vimal Paul says:


    I like travelling and exploring such kind of places. if anyone interested do get in touch with me as soon as possible.My email address is,

    Waiting for positive response
    Thanks n regards
    Vimal Paul

  43. Sandeep says:

    hi friends

    i went there with 5 of my friends (3 girls, 3 boys), 1 baje subah taak khub beer wagarah pi aur maje kiye…
    lekin jaise hi hamari beer aur masti khatam hui taab humne aas pass kuch mehsoos kiya… hume aisa lagaa ki jaise hamare saath koi 7 wa insaan bhi hai ……..
    aisa mujhe hi nahi sabko laag raha tha……….

    hame apni zindagi ka darr lagne laga to hamne socha ki apne marne ka koi saboot chor de to hamne sabne apne apne mobile se jitni [possble ho sake utni fotos li…

    u can imagine hw many fotos 6 cels can take…

    N u wont believe we didnt find a single foto in ny of d cels d next day???

    dis is my experience wid bhangarh

    for furthr queries u can contact me at

  44. payal says:

    i do belive in story and would like to know more about this place and this kind of place in rajistan becouse i am from rajistan

  45. shakun says:

    Hi All,

    What I Believe That People living there or who have experienced all this are not fool, Do any one of you have any proof showing that You have been there after sunset ? If so mail me At

  46. Paresh says:

    Hi, i m highly intrestd in such places n xperiences. I invite anybody had such super natural xperience at any place. Plz do mail me on

  47. banumati says:

    i also have heard of my stories.. reality is that i was not killed by any tantrik at all. actually he was my boyfriend. but my father usually did not allowed us to be together. then i hired a tantrik to kill my boyfriend and to keep my father happy. then i told my father i am going to suside….’YOU REMAIN HAPPY’. but i was not able to do any suside and finally i had to marry that tantrik and my father remained happy ever after. and the voiced and dhols as stated by ASSHEESH are nothing but the sounds of the instruments played in merrages. NOTE: THEY seem sceary because in my family i have a tredition to play horror music at merriage.


  48. rahul says:

    my frnd lost his life….do not dare.

  49. rahul says:

    we were 3.we returned two because something blue …blue flames made us to take a different road out.he is still has been an year…we are still waiting…do not ever try not be foolishly daring…i plead do not go there…..bhangarh is really haunted…

  50. sneha says:

    dont knw..wt u guys r tryin 2 put forward …just a humble request..just dont fake stories…here only write true stuff..dnt mislead ppl…

  51. nitin kaura says:

    friends……….on 6th feb 2009 i went to bhangarh.we r group of 4 friends and planned overnight stay there.ASI has camp office there but its 1km from the one checks whether anybody left there after sunset or not. we parked our car nearby village and spent one full night near the fort.actually the point is that that government doesnot take care of our forts and people make assumptions that the place is haunted……as we see on televisions.i too beleive in ghosts but nothing is there at bhangarh fort.we spent whole night there drinking,enjoying and chatting.infact we slept there around 2 am.if bhangarh fort and area around it has good lighting system then its the most happenning place as we see here at noida and delhi.seriouslly nothing haunted, a good place to spend weekend with family and friends.all are assumptions.we entered the fort around 5 am early in the morning and guess what we see ……………………………………………………………………………………..nothing……………infact 3peacocks,and a beautiful sunrise.all are mythologies created by us…………..go and enjoy.

  52. Edward says:

    January 18th, 2009 at 7:08 pm .



  53. siddharth says:

    I am going to this place on 8th march 2009.anyone intersted can contact.i will leave at 9 am.

  54. GAUTAM SINGHA says:


  55. Prashant says:

    Hi, I am from Jaipur and plan to visit Bhangarh tomorrow. Can u give me directions how to reach bhangarh from Jaipur by Road? I will appreciate ur reply.

  56. gaurav says:

    this is just nonsense and stupid about bhangarh

  57. ashvarya says:

    i believe in ghosts and i want to see this place

  58. nitin jaipur says:

    as per my exp. as i`ad entered the fort, i found that i am not alone there`s some thing unimaginable that is with u all the way. u don’t want to go but something that is pushing u. air is blowing with u in the walking direction still i found that my legs getting tired as i was dragging one more with me. yes its really wonderful place but…………….something very strange……i can’t overlook my sixth sense..someone walking with me but i can’t see…….

  59. Gaurav says:

    I went to Bhangarh last year with three of my friends. I truly believe this place has something anxious in there. It really makes you feel restless. We reached around 1 pm and came back 3 pm. (We did not dare to go there in the night.)
    “If there is GOD then there is EVIL as well…”
    You should not say anything bad about any creature.
    Bhangarh do have some paranormal things…..
    Sometime We can say its really there…..but on the other side it seems to be fake……

    We had several bad experiences I could not share.
    But I would suggest you guys not to take risks for anything.

    Thanks & Regards,


  60. nitin kaura says:

    friends some people do believe in ghosts……….but these r just stories……….i had wrote my experiences in earlier posts but some people found it fake………….buddies this is fact that where there is word “fort” written we somehow make predictions that there would be ghosts………….but all r fake.
    again for the sake of all you guys i again with my three school friends going there on 3rd april………..i will again spend my night there and let you guys know my experiences this time………i stay at noida if anybody interested please let me know………but beleive me these r all mythologies and some superstitions………beleive me

  61. jharna bhatanagar says:


    i practically read every story tht people left above, so in a gist it primarily suggests tht either those who saw ghosts there r lying or the other lot who claim ti c nothin haven’t actually visited this place, as for me i though m tempted to go ad visit this place m still ponderin over the thought.

  62. Vinod Srivastava says:

    Hi All!!
    Yesterday I visited the unseen part of Alwar district – Bhangarh. It is simply unbelievable! The place is located at a distance of around 90 kms from Alwar. Bhangarh was a mysterious town. The excavated city of Bhangarh is connected to Alwar via Sariska by a road where you can savor nature’s gift of beautiful surroundings.

    There are no chronological evidences about the history of the town but it is said that Bhangarh was earlier a flourishing city. The king of Sindh wanted to avenge his embarrassment before the queen of Bhangarh, so he gave up his kingdom and started practicing black magic and other similar acts in Bhangarh. Later, the city was destroyed in the conflict between the queen of Bhangarh (Rani Ratnawati, as said by local people) and the erstwhile king of Sindh. It is believed that the entire city was destroyed overnight after the king of Sindh died cursing the city and its people.

    Bhangarh is associated with a number of myths. It was believed that black magic prevailed in the entire area and who so ever went there did not come back. For this reason, the area was left barren for a long time. After the area was excavated and the ruins of the ancient town of Bhangarh emerged, the locals dropped the fear and started going to the place. Still, people believe that evil spirits and ghosts inhabit the town.

    A number of temples belonging to various deities of Hindu religion are still located in the excavated town of Bhangarh. The main temples in the area belong to Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman, Dev Narayan Ji, Bhairav Nath Ji, Someshwar Mahadev and Gopinath temple. Apart from these temples, the place also has a shrine of a Muslim saint called Sayeed Ji.

    Do plan to visit the place. If require may ask me for further help at
    Happy tour!!

  63. Umair Ahmad says:

    Hi ….
    How is every one ?? I would like to share some information as i just visited the city of bhangarh last sunday .I must say that it was the most pathetic i have ever planned …..There is nothing to see over there except a broken palace .It has some good Temple but nothing horrifying atleast not for me …..It was difficult for me to find a place in the palace to click a pic and show to my friends that i have been to this place.I am sorry to say but all the things that people said in this blog its worthless there is nothing called ghost in there .I went to each and every room in the palace except bat and foul smell nothing was there .It is very poorly maintained palace.You can find bottle’s ,packets of chips and all the things left over there by the visitors.I could not find any ASI officer over there who tried to stop me to go any where ……..Now, i would like to tell people who are intrested in seeing ghost is not to waste money and time to visit this place……

  64. himanshu says:

    i will like to this place after 5 pm ,, lets see how r the ghosts doing there…..anyone like to go for the night party there…..plz send reply…

  65. Ankit says:

    Hey I have been there as a tourist with some of my friends.We stayed there at night but nothing frightening ever happend.We stayed there knowingly in hope of encountering a ghost but unfortunately he didn’t turn up….we were awake the whole night but we were quite.
    We also took some pictures and showed them to a photographer.There were some shiny objects in some of the pictures(those looked like ghost) those ultimately turned out to be the moisture reflection(it often happens when u take photos in a dark room with only little amount of visibility light coming from sun.).So nothing to be scared away from Bhangarh.You should go as well ,just in case u may see the ghost!!

  66. jagvendra says:

    there is nting like that………………..


  67. nidhi says:

    please do mail me if anyone hav some pictures of bhangarh….. my e-mail add is

  68. Begum says:

    Me and 4 of my friends are going to visit this place this saturday….lets hope we will meet the ghosts..and take some pics of them…if anything unusual will video them….wish us good luck…hope we will bring some sounds if we hear anything at all…

  69. abhinandan gupta says:

    hey everybody,
    I m a PARAPSYCHOLOGIST n was there for 1MONTH. and I know abt the truth of bhanghar, there is something un-natural & unusual. that is the place where Evil is suprior than God. I have lost my two frnds cum collegue over there. when we found their bodies that were in very bad conditions not due to animals but somebody killed them in a cold-blooded way, even a human or animal can’t kill anybody like this. everybody feel restlessnee & anxity with Illusion. but that is not illusion. as a parapsychologist I can say there is something which don’t want any distrubance of human being.

    so its a request to everybody, if u r going there do not distrube the atmosphere n don’t do any nonsense activity like don’t take sweets don’t dring anything from there even a stone. and if u feel that something is around u than plz try to ignore it and don’t go there on full night day. plz follow the rules & don’t dare to stay there after sunset otherwise u can get in a very big trobule.

  70. Aayush says:


    My name is Aayush. I reailly want to visit this palace. I want to know that reailly is there something ans these all things are fake. If anyone want to visit this palace plz send me a mail on my mail id…

  71. Vishal says:

    I visited the most haunted place in India BHANGARH on 11th April 09 , but didn’t found anything unusual there. I captured a 30 minutes of video and several photographs even used INFRA RED device to detect any paranormal presence but got nothing to hype, however i visited the place during day time. Give me a beep if anyone has any questions. 09211657061.

  72. KUNAL says:

    i m very much interested in this kind of staff. But didnt gt any one who can go along with me to such places. i also knw many such places, anyone interested reply me

  73. DeViL says:

    if ani one interested dn contact me
    wer cn arrange a visit there to explore d things

  74. METALHEAD says:

    I m from Pune never know anything of rajastan my friends from there told me about this i dont think it was a lie have anyone seen GOD answer noone though we want to see GOD then how would u find ghost.but yes there are vibes some can feel some cannot pune is a historic place every 2 kms 1 haunted bunglow or mahal i visit them all didnt found anything but yes where is wipro and the nearby area and in cantontment area center pune there ar places where u get those vibes and not to forget the church in pune where u find all the big icons and big shots from city come for mass on the full monn or no moon night at 3.00am its a church where people belive and live with ghost and pray devil and suck blood i was there once any one of u ready to c people who love to suckblood and worship devilscan come to pune

  75. AVINASH SHARMA says:

    ALL THE BEST…!!!!

  76. keyal says:

    hey,me n my friends have been there in day time…we loved the place n were willing to know abt it,so we talked to the localites tere ..tis game only start in dark n ends in dark….so we r organising a trip tere in night with 120 young blooded guys n girls..this is ajit from delhi …if any one interested so plz mail me on,call me as soon as possible-9953110210…

  77. SHYAM says:

    aaaaaaaaaaah its all blah blahhhhhhhhh, if U really wish to believe it. go n explore it..! go for it mate..! n please do tell me d experiences…. CHAO…

  78. Cipher says:

    Hello Guys,

    I am planning for Bhangrah, coming 14th May 09. Please through some light on it.

    How you guys are claiming that you have stayed over night there, because i heard ASI guard will never let you do that.

    Well i am visiting there as tourist, BUT a big hope in deep inside for observing some supernatural power.

    Guys please share your kw & experience. Please contact me at, & 9899167771


  79. Anukraman says:

    i think the place is much older and it is an establishment dated before Amber

  80. Pranav.Y says:

    I felt this was an awesum article.IT makes me more curious.thanks for sharing this with us

  81. Sumit S says:

    Hi All,

    I’ve heard a lot about Bhangarh and I am really anxious to visit this place.

  82. Varun Srivastava, Wellington, New Zealand says:

    I would definately like to visit Bhangarh after sun sets if there are no legal issues. What I believe is that there is positive energy and a negative energy, if you are positive from your soul no matter how powerful the negative energy is, it will not be able to harm you. Jai Shree Ram!

  83. NIk says:

    hume bahut sarre pic leye but jab ghar pauche toh uske phele key photo they aur baad key magar waha ka ek bhi pic nahi ley payye. i dont know why its happens but i think some thing is there.

  84. surya kant says:

    it is very dangerous to visit bhangarh bcoz i hv gone ther

  85. mahendra singh says:

    I Goes whenever free, All the Pleces Where ghost lives. i like ghost, many ghost is my best friend, and they Call me with some special of my Griend Lives in Dantaramgarh fort. now he is very weak and Old.
    he may die later or sooner.

  86. sahil gautam says:

    its.. real………………………………….
    i m missing my friend who nvr back form this place…

  87. Sanchit says:

    I am very scared of haunts but I just like to know about them .I also want to give my information about the most haunted places of world-

    1.Edinburgh Castle-Scotland
    2.The Whaley house-Sain Diego,California,USA
    3.The Borley Reactory-Borley,England(very haunted)
    4.The Bell Farm
    5.Rayanham Hall-Norflok,England
    6.The Queen Mary-Long Beach,California,USA
    For More Information Search On- Google

  88. KPL says:

    I dont belive the story but like to surely visit this place .

  89. Abhishek Pal says:

    this is abhishek, i m the prime victim who faced all those haunt. i seriously recoment u not to go there. we 4 people went there and accidently stucked in that place we didn’t see that board. and whole night we stayed there we didn’t saw anyone but ya we heard many sounds. Like people were shouting “choor choor, bachaao bachaao many other sounds like “bhaai bhaag jaao idhar se” and all that.some how we managed that night but we really scared. i thank to God that he saved my life.

  90. Ani says:

    It’s really an unusual place.
    This is the only place in the world where the evil is more powerful than the “GOD”!
    I guess….
    Anybody interested 4 a debate over paranormal activities…………
    Please contact me!!!!!!!!!!

  91. George says:

    hi, i always wanted to visit bhangarh. it was my dream adventure, i was that passionate for this that i when i started thinking of this i could not sleep. I heared it from my friend. i visited and i ll never visit again. i really dont want to explain what happened to me. but plz.. believe me facing ghost is not a child game. You ll literally pee in your pant when u ll see some one standing behind u. and instead of listening to u he ll walk away and try to take you to hi area. or some one walking behind u, or dog barking, and when ur full batery mobile switches off, or ur digi cam doesnot works. plz believe me this all true. I believe in GOD and thus i believe in GHOST. If there is GOD there is obviously there is EVIL SPIRITS.

  92. debasish says:

    The reactions are mixed.I do believe in the spirit world as i am sufficiently experienced. All i wud say tht its just not wise to brush off any paranormal ideas on supposition tht one has escaped unhurt in a particular incident. All hv surely read the history of Tutenkhamen n the death of carter n his team members one after another in mysterious circumtances for defying the warning on the entrance of pyramid.

  93. Shubham says:

    Hiiiiiiiii m Shubham im 15 year old teenage boy who is very much intrested in knowing the fact about bhooton ka bhangarh and my 2 sisters toooooooooo

  94. cp sharma says:

    ooooooooooops…..yaar,i will really like 2 go there..i jst wanna hve the moments livingly..will u come with me?????

  95. Nadeem syed says:

    I am a ghost hunter and if the government allows I would love to search the place at night with such spooky background. Thanks for the info.

  96. Bilash says:

    Duuurrrr!!!! kuch nahi hai waha, main to pura raat waha beer pita raha lehi sala koi bhoot woot nahi dikha..

  97. Dinesh Singh Slathia says:


    I heard alot about this place and aways wanted to visit.
    Last night we were partyin in Gurgaon and at 12 AM we all planned to go to Bhangarh.
    Some how we managed to reach there by 5:30 AM as we were not aware of the roads.
    Please do bring your Vehicle Docmuments as Rajastan Police will Harras you big time even for Pullution Certificate at 3 Am in the Morning.We negotiated for Rs 200.
    I am Sorry to say but that the way Government works and speacially Police.

    The Place is Beautiful and out of world.We went to few of the rooms at the top palace and yes there was something spooky and Uncomfortable.
    The Temples are in good condition.
    I don’t want to comment any thing on Paranormal activities as most things happen when they are least expected.

    Will surely want to visit there and stay whole night.

    Route : Delhi- Alwar-Rajgarh-Tehali-Bhangarh ( 5 Hrs Drive)

  98. Vivek says:

    Never play with those who are gone. Respect them. If ‘life’ exists so do ‘death’ and the “in between”.

    Respect them and visit them. I am sure nothing will happen even if you feel or see something.

    One day I will…

  99. debasish says:

    Ref post 12th june…sprits take energy from electrical appliances b4 manifestation or forming apparitions.They are more powerful than normal human beings.

  100. Sahil says:

    Want to visit Bhangarh the haunted place at night?..Is it possible and how?

    There is some restriction by gov. to not visit after sunset..So plz tell if we want to go after there issue? asking from govt. point of view

    Can any help me out abt how to enter after sunset

  101. halish malik says:

    Hey every body we r the students of an colledge who had decided to make an trip to bhangarh . we yesterday came from there and we really got such things which proove that there is something like aatma and all but on the other side we also got clues of like some groups or gang of people are there who dont allow any one to stay there in night and if someone does like it they kill them we have proofs which will be telecasted soon on you tube for other details contact on on my account

  102. V for vendeta says:

    there is this guy “siddharth” above who has said he is visiting this place on 9th march …. been 3 months.. he has not posted a reply .. is he alive ????? did he even come back ???? think about it

  103. Rajesh says:

    Hey Friends,
    I am also planning to visit Bhangarh.
    Lets hope visit ends well.
    Though I don’t believe in Ghost bcz I haven’t seen them yet.
    I have done my all effort to see them. I have been to all the places in nights where people even scare to go in day.

    I remember once I was at my hometown Azamgarh (U.P.) and we had a party with friends in the mid night we started discussing about ghost and I was saying that they don’t exist and most of them were in my opposition.
    They gave me a challenge to visit a place which was known as a haunted place.
    Though I had visited that place in the day and found it was quit scary.
    In the middle there was a pond and arround that pond there were lots of trees and bushes.Actually that place was used by police to kill wanted criminals and many criminals were killed at that place by police.
    That was around 500 miters from my place and we usually saw lights and some kind of flames out there in the nights. All villagers were saying that they were ghost but I was not agreed with it.
    I had a bet of just 500 bucks with my friends and I agreed to go to that place at midnight. It was around 1 A.M.
    I was little bit drunk but I was in my full consciousness.

    I took a torch with me i left my cellphones and my wallet with my friends.
    I went to that place I can’t describe everything what I was feeling when I was about to visit that pond.
    It was little bit light in the sky and I was feeling fear but still I was going ahead with full confidence I reached nearby that pond. to reach the pond I had to go through all the trees and bushes. The included that I need to take a round of the pond.
    Some how I reached in dark trees I heard sound sometimes like trees branches are braking and someone is throwing something in pond. with all my guts I reached to the pond now I had to take a round. and without wasting any time I started taking round. when I walked for few mins I heard a sound behind me in bank of the pond I looked back. My heard was beating fast and I could hardly stop my breath. My torch was also not working properly. Sometimes it was turning on but sometimes it was off. I knew it bcz earlier also it was not working properly at home. I turned back to look what was it in the water. I saw something in the water bcz of moon lights I went ahead towards it. My heart was not allowing me to go ahead but I was reluctant because of my mind. I wanted to see everything in real.
    I reached at the bank and there was nothing I touched water it was nothing just water.
    I turned back and started walking when I finished half of the pond I had to go through and very dark bush it was some kind of Jungle’s small trees. I interred in it and there were lots of trees as well so it was totally dark. I could not even see my hands. when I was in the middle something touched my legs and when I tried to take another step my one leg was bound into something I was very scared.
    The first thing came in my mind was to run but I wanted to see and even I would try to run my legs were bound and I was unable to even shake it I looked back I couldnt see anything complete dark. I sat on my one let tried to turn on my torch once again but was unsuccessful.
    I had no other option than touch it by my hand to see what it was. I was scared but touched it and felt relax as it was just bushes small branches which were like rope and it was somehow tied in my leg. I opened it stood and was started hearing sound in my back it was like some bird sound. then suddenly heard a sound and though the branch just upside on my head broke. I put my both hands on my head just to save myself. stupid even dint think it would not save me from that tons kilos branch. but after some seconds I realized it was just a sound.
    I turned to complete my round and started walking then I realized someone is walking behind me.I stopped there and looked back but it was too dark to see something. I raised my hand in dark just to see if anyone was walking behind me but nothing.
    Then I turned back and started walking and I heard a sound like someone is breathing heavily behind me. I though this is just because of my mind state as I am scared at this time and I carried on. the sound was increasing like someone is very close to me and suddenly I realized that it was just besides my ears becz I could even feel breath. I stared walking slowly though I was very scared bcz I wanted to see but it was too dark. I was thinking as fast as I could but my mind was not working and breathing was too close now. I turned back as soon as I could and raised my hands in the air as fast as I could just to touch what it was but I found nothing. I was breathing fast and I was too scared. but I wanted to touch or see it and it was too dark. I stood there for almost 20 minutes nothing happened no sound. Then I stared walking towards the same way from which I came. I walked for 10 mins in those bushes stood there for almost 10 more minutes but nothing then turned back to started to walk once again to complete my round. I finished it and nothing happened. When I came from where I started my round I stood there for 15 minutes and tried to turn on my torch again the same thing dint turn on then I shook it very fast and hit it by my hands on the back of the torch and tried to turn it on and it worked this time.
    I came out and met my friends.
    I won my bet and we had another party by that money which I won that day.
    But still I couldn’t see it or even touch it.
    I consulted this with one of my friends who is psychiatrist, he said it happens because of the mindset at the time our mind only allows when we want to see, hear and feel.
    I was agreed with him and looking for new place to visit and view ghosts.

  104. anubhav says:

    Bool Sheeeet :-D

  105. VINOD KUMAR says:


    Seems to be adventerous. I would definetely like to visit this place. I would like to have more information from persons who have visited the placed and had such experiences. Please mail me

  106. Vicky says:

    This is the sickest of stories ve eva heard! A haunted place in India and so many stories surrounding it. Almost everyone who has given dialogues of guts and glory, in the column above, ve never been alone(wonder if their guts is all about holding hands with friends and keeping eyes shut all through the night :)) at the place and ve invariably been boozing(thats another way to keep peein in fear off :)). Anyone wanna bet staying alone an entire night at this place without booze and girls,mobiles, etc..etc..??? Get in touch. Am ready for the bet!Be it a rupee or a million..facing fear is the greatest of achievement in life. Am ready…are u?

  107. Abhi Chatterji says:

    Was searching the net for sme write-up on Bangarh as my trainees had told me abt th place. Post reading all the posts I feel one must go thre once to knw wat is it like n if smethgn spooky really exists thre.

  108. vicky mann says:

    I have lots of experiences and this is the another one i am going to have soon. may be the last one. bcoz i strongly believe in this all. i have encountered lots of supernatural bodies. i cant resist this dont know why. will make move soon.

  109. ankit verma says:

    hey i wanna go to bhangarh as i’ve heared about d stories of it and i’ld like to visit this haunted place if anyone interested mail me at my id.
    lets mess with bhaaaaangarh bhoots.

  110. debasish says:

    How many days one can take for moderation? pls read ref post dt.13th june n not 12th june mentioned invertently.sorry fot the mistake.

  111. yogesh says:

    friends, i dont no who is lying and who tell the fact But I want to visit Bhanghar and experience the truth.
    and take a Video camera with me amd shoot all the thing which happness with me.
    and i put that video on Internate . If I will returned.

  112. Anugrah says:

    I’ll shorty post the route to Bhangard from Delhi. Keep reading.

  113. lovy n rashmi says:

    haan wahan bhoooooooot hai par hum frns ko aisa kuch feel nai hua…………v saw a tantrik doing blck magic near by bushes.go der njoyyyyyyyy hard bt surely tk sum1 wd u… its a nice n peaceful plc to hang out……AT DAY TIME.

  114. kumar dheeraj says:

    i m kumar dheeraj a Btech student studing in CIITM,jaipur going to bhangarh fort with my 17 friends on saturday(18-07-09) to know all the facts . we will also stay whole night there to know about real facts.

  115. Ankur Shokeen says:

    Though I have never been there, but will surely plan a weekend trip with overnight stay and will surely post the proof of the same (Probably video for the whole night), to end the discussion for once and forever.

    As per all those ghost stories I give a damn to it and as for GOD and EVIL theory, I don’t believe in either ;-)

  116. babban miyan says:

    i went to this place last week with my friends.. we tried staying overnight.. it was going pretty well.. untill we heard that noise.. the loud noise, felt as if a lion is roaring… we got really scared.. clutched each others arms.we heard it for 10-15 mins. those 15 mins were the most dreadfull of my life till yet.. After that when the noises stopped we sat and whispered our fears to each other.. in max half an hours time me and vikas(another friend) slept.. but raman din sleep.. later that night he went to ease himself on the back side of the building.. me and vikas din get to know bout it..when we got up it was day.. raman was no where to be found.. we searched for him.. when we wentg on the back of the building we found his body without the head.. seeing which vikas fainted..
    till today we both are in the state of shock.. All those people who want to visit this place pls don’t.. the minutest of thought about the place gives me shivers.. pls people dont visit that place….

  117. AVINASH says:


  118. AVINASH says:


  119. Sameer says:

    Alright… this website has been quite interesting and I have been reading each and every post on this website since last couple of hours..

    Till today, I was not aware about any such place – Bhangarh exists where such ghost stories seem to be quite prominent. However, while browsing, I came to know about this place and trying to google as much as I can, just out of curiousity..

    The reviews posted above by various visitors are mixed ones.. Those who claim to have stayed in Bhangarh overnight, do not have any solid evidence of something that shows that they spent their night at that place..

    Those who have mentioned to have suffered at Bhangarh, have not provided enough information as how they suffered, who was killed, how was their loved one killed, or anything that proves their information as well..

    Anyway, I stay in Nasik and visiting Bhargarh cannot be planned overnight.. I do have this place on my list as I will be willing to go and experience the chill out there in that place. I do believe in ghosts, however, I moverover believe, no ghost or any other power in this world can take control over you, unless you do not have a firm determination and self belief in yourself. So believe in your self and you will never get carried away by any power — even if its any supernatural power.

    Cheers.. and do keep posting your experiences..

  120. debasish says:

    I don’t think the Govt of any country is stupid enough to declar such notification to desist ppl to enter or visit any place wht they think not safe. They have their agencies to be reported back any incident before notification.
    One such place to mention is the national highway between postbridge and Dartmoor in the other part of globe where public are alerted to keep off the stretch of road after dusk or to keep sufficient foodstuff or petrol b4 entering the area to avoid sighting of two fearful hands from nowhere wht tries to stop the cars. Many accidents n death hv already been reported. The Govt has changed the root.[alternate]
    Bhanga incident reminds me of the same.

  121. nitin chugh says:

    i want to go with my frnd/camaras for seeing the ghost after sunset ,tell me abt there legal ??????? thnx

  122. rishabh says:

    i ve seen this place nd really its haunted
    coll if u wann know more 9529356989

  123. neha says:

    i have been to bhangarh …….. and as far as i am concern it was really a proper estabilshed city as we have now big city’s … every thing the houses, market. shops,, temples all r like made in very proper way of architecture. but just beacuse of curse of that black magic person .. it has become VIRRAN…….



  124. arvind singh says:

    all r superstupid stories…when i’ll visit afer leavng army after a year or s.i’ll visit tht place and many more places like this n unviel the truth …..

  125. nitima singh says:

    has any one been to this place?

  126. Ricky says:

    Hello every1……I m from gurgaon. and i m planing to go to Bhangarh…..But as per stories and above mentioned self experiences its realy scary……I asked couple of my frnds to visit that place….but every1 denined that……If any1 intersted wid group of ppl i m always ready and can mail me on my email ID its……

  127. jitu says:

    oops…..gotta wrong click of mouse…sorryyy…not my cup of tea..

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