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I get overshadowed. You get overshadowed. We all get overshadowed. Yay!

Posted on 22 April 2008

Had heard about the blogathon, and never really knew what it meant. But then I noticed the topic on the blogathon India site, and found this topic – Is Bollywood overshadowing Regional Cinema?

Hey, this is good. I’ve always had a problem with this overshadowing business.

Basically there are many things that keep overshadowing me, since my childhood. When I focused on my books in school, the smart kids who did not bother but went about developing a personality overshadowed me. When I tried sports, I was overshadowed there too. When I were younger, I was overshadowed by the older ones. Now that I am older, the young overshadow me. When I think hey, I am doing good with Google money and stuff, Amit Agarwal overshadows me. The techies overshadow me every moment of my waking life. This overshadowing has to stop!

It is teh evil, fo sho.

Where were we? Yes, Bollywood. They do this too. Good Golly, miss Bolly – you can’t do that. Regional cinema is the sacred cow. No overshadowing it, please. Go overshadow French Cinema if you please. Hollywood already does that? Oh, go find someone else to overshadow, goddammit.

Last time I went home, I noticed this. In my own God’s own mallu land, Tamil Cinema is overshadowing Malayalam movies. Malayalam movies look like Tamil movies now. There are all those cute college romances, and dancing nymphets and superhero-style background music. A definite case of overshadowing.

Intra-regional overshadowing is probably fine, however. For example, Malayalam reality shows are overshadowing discussions on Pablo Neruda, or the proletarian revolution that is just around the corner. The few marxists I met this time were bitterly complaining about capitalism overshadowing communism. Chinese communism has been totally and unfairly overshadowed by capitalism, they said. They were thankful that Chinese dictatorship has not been humiliated thus, though.

Communists manage to do a bit of overshadowing themselves, too. For example, that shadow you see in Manmohan SIngh’s eyes – thats a reddish commie overshadow. And the 5 o’clock shadow on Kapil SIbal’s face is really a commie undershadow – a close cousin of the overshadow.

I tried talking about the unfairness of it all to Rohit Malik, my dear Punjabi friend. I complained bitterly about the salwar -kameez overshadowing our nice malayali half-sarees. He stood up, came close to me, stared down and advised, “Tell them to take off all the salwar-kameezes.” Not practical, Rohit. There are no half-sarees in Kerala Apparels anymore – it is not right to take off salwar-kameez without finding a replacement. I felt distinctly overshadowed this time by Malik.

Dear friend and Mumbaikar Beloseji had landed up the other day – and was pretty unhappy about how traces of traditional Marathi culture was being erased from Mumbai streets. I could sympathise, but he rejected my sympathy, so I pretended I never offered it.

Seems Bhojpuri movies are now overshadowing Marathi movies in Mumbai. MNS tried to stop some Bhojpuri movie shows in Mumbai, but quickly realised that Bhojpuri movie industry has a lot of Marathi technicians and quickly backed off. The Maharashtrian workers at the Bhojpuri cinema halls in Mumbai explained that if the movie shows are stopped, the shadows would fall on their households, and MNS was nice enough to give them an ear.

Marathi libraries too are disappearing – that is what happens if you allow overshadowing to continue. You cease to exist. So the libraries have gone. So have the Maharashtrians who used to peruse them – they have all gone over to the land of insecure people, USA. By the way, USA is where the greatest overshadower of them all comes from – Hollywood.

I don’t like all this. But I guess one should join the winning side. But every winning side seems to have someone else overshadowing them. Dog trainers often say that if you don’t know what to do, your dog will consider himself the lead dog, the top dog. So basically even a dog can overshadow you.

Cruel, cruel world.

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  1. Genosign says:

    That was quite funny:) I really enjoyed the overshadowing part. I guess regional cinemas should get off their backsides and do something about this whole overshadowing business.:)

  2. Sameera says:

    Liked your take on overshadowing. You write amazingly well. Keep writing

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