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Do you want to marry Modi?

Posted on 13 April 2008

Do you, really? If you do, despite what the media has been drumming into your brain?

Do you totally adore him, and wear one of those Modi masks when you go to sleep?

Do you dream of Modi on a khaki horse, riding away with you into a saffron sunset?

Then can help you. With a little help from Google Adsense. Take a look below.

What you see is a screenshot from this page on our site. There is a bit of keyword matching going on there as you can see. The page contains the word Modi (which is a caste name), and therefore, Adsense displays an ad which says “Marry Modi” next to the text!

Update: Someone from has commented on this post, explaining that it is a caste name. I have added one paragraph above the pic explaining that. It is still hilarious for me to see a text ad which says ‘Marry Modi’ next to a pic of the most famous Modi of them all. For a lot of us, we do not instantly connect the name Modi to a caste (the new liberal generation, you see.) Hence its funnier.

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  1. BM Staff says:

    Modi is a surname

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