Tintin 3-D movie by Spielberg, Peter Jackson on hold

Tintin 3-D trilogy

Tintin 3-D trilogy

Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson’s plan to make a 3-D movie adaptation of the Adventures of Tintin has hit a roadblock. Universal Pictures has refused to foot the $130 million budget for the Tintin trilogy project put forward by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson.  Tintin has been a pet project of Spielberg, who has been planning to make the Tintin movie since 1983.

The two directors have put the production of Tintin on hold until they find someone else to finance the Tintin 3-D movie. Dreamworks’ owner Paramount -with whom Spielberg has been associated for long – was ready to finance half the movie. The production of the 3-D Tintin movie was supported to commence in October 2008.

Spielberg was to direct the first part of the Tintin trilogy, while Jackson was to direct the second. It was undecided as to who would direct the third part of the Tintin trilogy.

Reports say that Universal backtracked when Spielberg and Jackson demanded 30% of the movie’s total gross revenues, including DVD, TV and ancillary sales. Unless the Tintin 3-D trilogy garnered $425 million in global ticket sales, the studo would wind up with a loss. Universal was not prepared to take the risk to its bottom line.

Peter Jackson – director of The Lord of the Rings trilogy – has been developing performance-capture technology for the Tintin movie, at a cost of $30 million. Most of the money came from Paramount.

Spielberg may have problem getting Paramount to finance the Tintin trilogy, now that Dreamworks’ (Spielberg’s own company) has split from Paramount. Dreamworks signed a $1.2 million deal with India’s Reliance Entertainment company on September 20, 2008.

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