Terra Naomi starts two week India tour today

Terra Naomi, the latest Internet singing sensationl, is all set for an India tour. Terra Naomi will perform in Mumbai tonight in memory of the last year’s terrorist attacks.
Terra Naomi is an ardent believer of climate change, as she has portrated in her previous albums and songs.

Terra Naomi, the soft-faced singer, took the Internet by storm one fine day, when she posted her song “Say It’s possible”and uploaded it on YouTube. The song, “say It’s possible”, was inspired by Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth”, which was based on the phenomena of climate change.

The song by Terra Naomi, “Say It’s possible”, became an instant hit and a YouTube sensation. After the success of her “Say It’s possible”, Naomi then uploaded a series of music videos in YouTube and titled it “The Virtual Summer Tour”.

Terra Naomi received one of the inaugural YouTube Video Awards for the music video category in March 2007.

Since Terra Naomi does not have a contract with a record label, she can sing and post her videos on YouTube thus enabling a direct artist to fan model. This is Terra’s first global tour and the global tour includes a two week India tour.

Terra Naomi’s homepage has 15million views.

Terra Naomi, in addition to a supporter of the Climate Change campaign, has lent her support to a range of issues. Terra Naomi will perform today at the Blue Frog in Mumbai to mark the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai.

After her concert in Mumbai, she will head to the Himalayas with an international press crew to show the world the melting of the Himalayas, and its effect on planet Earth. Naomi will then have a concert held in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir.

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