Sun Direct brings Fox, Real, WB channel to India

DTH major Sun Direct has for the first time introduced FOX International Channels to the Indian audience.

The channels include FOX TV (FX) , FoxCrime and Baby TV. These apart, Real TV and WB (Warner Brothers) channels have also been included in the new channel packaging.

SunDirect said that all the five new channels will be available in all basic packs from April 1, 2009, for subscribers.

FOX TV (FX) is aimed at sophisticated male and female audiences, and has been described by the company as providing bold and edgier content with their cutting-edge programming, and character-driven stories.

FOXCrime will provide crime investigation TV series, intrigue, and mystery entertainment, premieres of riveting drama series, high quality original productions, and biographies of infamous criminals, through the day.

Baby TV is aimed at children under three years, and their parents. It is said to be an innovative creator that is geared towards development, activity, fun and parent-child interaction.

Real TV, which was launched in early March 2009, is a a Hindi entertainment TV channel that will be distributed by Zee Turner

WB, a English movie channel by Warner Brothers, promises to offer Hollywood’s biggest movies and best series.

Sun Direct offers 40 add-on packages, ranging from Rs 6 to Rs 195 per month, of the most viewed channels.

Sun Direct offers a basic package of over 170 plus TV channels and 31 digital radio channels with DVD quality pictures, CD quality sound, for a introductory offer of Rs.499 for 5 months subscription.

The package comes along with free Dish and Set top box, excluding installation charges.

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