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Seven movies from Subash Ghai in 2007

Mukta Searchlight will produce tree movies, Mukta Arts will produce four.

October 31, 2006

Not one, not two…. but seven. When it comes to this man, he always makes sure he can never be written off so easily. We are talking of Subhash Ghai, the showman of Bollywood

The latest on him is that Ghai has created a fist of sorts by announcing seven new films, that indeed is a bouquet.

For his seven films, he has also roped in the best and the most popular. Directors of the likes of Nagesh Kukunoor and Anurag Basu would wield the microphone for some of the productions. Directors of the projects have been decided on, but the casts are yet to be finalised, said reports. It is being rumored that star cast would have names like Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor and all.

While three of these films will be produced under the banner of Mukta Searchlight, other four will be produced by Mukta Arts. The Mukta Searchlights productions will include a film titled Black n White, which will be directed by Ghai himself and will star Anil Kapur and newcomer Anurag Sinha.

Searchlight will also produce a film titled Bombay 2 Bangkok, to be directed by Nagesh Kuknoor. Another film, titled Cycle Kick, will be directed by Shashi Sudigala, Kukunoor's chief assistant. These three flicks are expected to debut in theatres near you by April next.

Mean while the Mukta Arts-produced four films will include one to be directed by Ghai and starring Salman Khan. The three others are said to be directed Anees Bazmi, Anurag Basu and Abbas-Mastan.

So it’s going to be a pure Ghai fest in the months to come. With the cine buff looking forward to some good films monitored by a successful director-producer, Bollywood too can have something to hope for.

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