Steven Spielberg to create games for EA

14 July , 2007

Electronic Arts (EA) and renowned film director Steven Spielberg have joined hands to develop three new games.

A preview of the two games code-named LMNO and PQRS will be available at the E3 Media & Business Summit at Santa Monica in California. According to a report, the game LMNO is being developed for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and for Windows PCs and will be a contemporary action adventure more in line with Spielberg's trademark story-telling. The LMNO game involves partnering with a mysterious computer-controlled female. This is learnt to be the central aspect of the game.

While PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows PCs will get to see LMNO, PQRS will debut on Nintendo Wii. The report added that it will be an action-puzzle game with players getting to wield a wireless remote and manipulate and move around blocks in different ways.

According to an industry news source, Electronic Arts is likely to release PQRS sometime in 2007. However, nothing has been decided yet on the release of LMNO.

Spielberg’s job wouldn’t be over with that. Spielberg and EA will work on an action-adventure video game, currently in the creative stage.




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