Sonam Kapoor’s Aisha in fashion’s big league

In the past decade, Indian films have been increasingly associated with the fashion industry.

Sonam Kapoor Verve photo

Usually it was the big names in Indian fashion and occasionally some of the middle rung fashion houses internationally that were associated with Bollywood. Now, the latest Sonam Kapoor starrer, Aisha, makes Bollywood – fashion history by tying up with top fashion houses Salvatore Ferragamo and Christian Dior. Related: Sonam Kapoor’s I Hate Luv Storys

The movie revolves around a fashionista, played by Sonam Kapoor, who is known for her fashionable tastes in real life too. According to sources at Christian Dior, there will be around sixty Dior dresses used in the film – by Sonam and other female artistes. This is the first instance of fashion’s brand integration taking the movies a step away from mass market products and closer to high end fashion.

Aisha, budgeted at 20 crore rupees also features other brands like DLF Emporio, L’Oreal Paris and Portico. But sources say that the Dior association is visibly the strongest. Sonam will be seen throughout the movie with a lady Dior purse. The male lead for the movie is Abhay Deol, and Dior’s presence will be seen on him as well – with the dapper young star clad in Dior suits. According to sources at portico, about ten or twelve new designs will be introduced by Portico to tentatively coincide with the movie’s release.

Sources say that the tie ups with the fashion brands took almost six months to work out before and during the scripting stage. Both Portico and L’Oreal have a number of TV commercials lined up that uses imaging from the film to promote their products.

Aisha, which is co-produced by PVR Pictures and Anil Kapoor Films Co. Pvt. Ltd, and directed by Rajshree Ojha is set for release on August 6. India and especially Bollywood has been the focus of intense global interest, especially in the areas of dance and music. This move by fashion houses could be a statement of the fact that Bollywood has a far wider impact and reach than anticipated before.

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