Slumdog Millionaire gets 10 2009 Oscar award nominations

Slumdog Millionaire, which had bagged the 2009 Golden Globes for Best Picture-Drama, Best Director, Best Original Score,  continues its dream run with ten nominations for 2009 Oscar awards.

Update: Slumdog Millionaire sweeps 2009 Oscars

Dev Patel and Anil Kapoor in Slum Dog Millionaire

Dev Patel and Anil Kapoor in Slumdog Millionaire

The movie has been nominated for:
1. The 2009 Oscar Best Picture award
2. 2009 Oscar Best Director (Danny Boyle) award
3. 2009 music for motion pictures award
4. 2009 Oscar Original Song (Jai Ho) award
5. 2009 Oscar Original Song (O Saya) award
5. 2009 Oscar for Cinematography award
6.  2009 Oscar for Film Editing
7. 2009 Oscar for Sound Editing award
8. 2009 Oscar for Sound Mixing award
9. 2009 Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay award

AR Rahman who was the Golden Globe Best Original Score winner, has three Oscar award nominations in 2009.

Rahman is the 2009 Oscar nominee for the 2009 Best Music Score award. He is also the 2009 Oscar nominee for Best Original song. Rahman has provided the music for Jai Ho, while eminent lyricist Gulzar has scripted the lyrics.

AR Rahman has also been nominated for the 2009 Oscar for Best Original song, O Saaya. The music for the song has provided by Rahman, and the lyrics by AR Rahman and Maya Arulpragasam

The Slumdog Millionaire team is, understandably, ecstatic. The Hindu quoted AR Rahman as saying, “We have been waiting for this for nearly 80 years, haven’t we? I am so elated. I hope we get at least one award.”

It is clearly Rahman’s time. Hollywood producers are now falling all over him, to do the musical score for their movies.

Although, AR Rahman has not revealed any details about the movies that are in the negotiations stage, he says that he will do a balancing act between Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Rahman has also acknowledged the contribution of one of India’s best known lyricists and yester years director, Gulzar.

Gulzar has been quoted as saying that any nomination for an award as prestigious as the Oscars opens new avenues for Indian artistes.

It is interesting to see how India has appropriated Slumdog Millionaire even though it is not technically an Indian film. We have a tendency to appropriate achievers from all walks of live, if they have any connection with India, however remote. Be it Freddie Mercury (well, not that much), or Kalpana Chawla, anyone who is India-born, even though he or she may have nothing to do with India. The premiere of Slumdog Millionaire on January 23, 2009 was peppered with Bollywood celebrities, dishing out quotes left, right, and center.

Well, at least, they don’t have egg on their face like Mercedes Benz and a certain soft drinks company . Remember Mercedes and the soft drinks company refused to allow their logos to be shown on their products that were used in the movie. The reason: The companies did not want to be associated with a slum. Looks like the slumdog has stumped the millionaire. Talk about a marketing nightmare.

Slumdog Millionaire revolves around the life of a young boy from the slums of Mumbai, who participates in a game show, “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” and wins it. He is suspected of cheating by the show’s host (Anil Kapoor), because he comes from a very poor background.

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