Sienna Miller, Russell Crowe in Robin Hood remake Nottingham

It’s the season for remakes. Sorry, make that updates. Movies like My Fair Lady, The Changeling, The Three Musketeers, are all going to get a makeover albeit with new interpretations. Can Robin Hood be far behind?

Word is that the latest Robin Hood on the block, Nottingham, is a different spin on the original. Told from the point of the Sheriff of Nottingham, the movie will take Robin Hood down a peg or two.

The movie brings together the merry Gladiator men: Russell Crowe as the Sheriff of Nottingham, Sir Ridley Scott as director, and Brian Helgeland as the writer.  Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott had earlier worked together on the Oscar-winning Gladiator (2000). Brian Helgeland had co-written LA Confidential, which also starred Russell Crowe.

sienna miller as maid marian

Playing Maid Marian will be actress Sienna Miller, who is over the moon at the prospect of working with Crowe and Ridley. Working with Crowe and Ridley is “as good as it gets,” Miller has been quoted as saying.

The first Robin Hood movie The Adventures of Robin Hood was released in 1938 and starred Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland.

The mushy Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, starring Kevin Costner and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, came next, in 1991.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights, a satirical comedy, was released in 1993.

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