Secret Slumdog Millionaire reality show based on movie coming soon

Slumdog Milliionaire is on its way to the Oscars, after securing a truck-load of nominations; and the movie has been a favourite (perhaps not a hit, like a typical Bollywood hit) in India too.

Now, the producers aim to capitalise on the curiosity and interest in the movie to produce a reality show ‘Secret Slumdog Millionaire’ (The title name is temporary though). The show will be set in Mumbai where real rich people would be out on the streets – or slums – in disguise as commoners, and help the poor with charity.

The Secret Slumdog Millionaire reality show will make some of the richest people witness and experience the real poverty in Mumbai.

Celador, the co-producer of the movie and the reality show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” will be producing this show too and it will be broadcast as soon as possible.

The reality show will be an Indian version of the successful show known as “Secret Millionaire” in U.K. This show saw some of the richest people come out as undercover in poor areas, totally cut off from their posh lifestyle.

There is potential for a controversy, though. Expolitation of poverty, like with slum tourism or even a reality show even if it might be beneficial in the end, would not be to everyone’s liking. Are the poor people ready to be exhibited on a show? If at all they are being helped then why through a reality show, because in the end its business and it could well be summed up as exploitation of people in slum. These are sensitive issues in India, and let us hope the producers understand that.

A television insider told the UK’s Sunday Express: “It is a fantastic idea….The millionaires who sign up will see real poverty in Mumbai and it is going to be very moving when they reveal their identity and offer these people help.”

“The producers are bracing themselves against claims that they are cashing in on poverty but the bottom-line is they will actually be helping people as well as making great television.”

The title could be changed but as for now it is “Secret Slumdog Millionaire”.

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