Scorsese to remake Kurosawa’s High and Low

After the announcement of Silence and The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, comes the news that Martin Scorsese will remake Akira Kurosawa’s 1963 thriller High and Low.

Original High and Low poster

Original High and Low poster

The remake will be directed by Mike Nichols and the movie will be scripted by David Mamet. High and Low will be produced by Scot Rudin and co-produced by Scorsese.

Kurosawa’s High and Low was loosely based on a novel by Ed McBain.

High and Low revolves around Kingo Gondo, an executive who mortgages all he owns to raise money for a the takeover of a company that he thinks he can turn around.

When Gondo’s son is kidnapped, he is prepared to pay the ransom, but he faces a moral dilemma when he finds out that his driver’s son has been kidnapped by mistake, instead of his son.

Should he rescue the boy or use the money for the deal on which he has staked everything?

Akiro Kurosawa's High and Low poster

Akiro Kurosawa's High and Low poster

High and Low is also a fascinating thriller, as a cop hunts down the kidnapper.

High and Low has been on Scorsese’s drawing board since 1999.

Should he touch a masterpiece like High and Low, or rather can the movie be adapted to recent times? And even if it can’t, does it matter? If one doesn’t take it all too seriously, this would be an interesting movie to watch, depending on the casting, of course.

So who is it going to be? Leo, because Scorsese loves Leo? For me, it’s Leo, Leo, Leo because the guy can act and I can easily imagine him as someone who is conflicted over the moralities of a situation.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese

Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese

Maybe, I am biased but I can’t think of anyone else, except maybe Denzel Washington, Daniel Day-Lewis
or Guy Pierce, for the lead role. As for the cop, I would like to see Don Cheadle as the one who hunts down the kidnapper.

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