Roman Polanski’s release on bail imminent

Roman Polanski, the famous movie director who is in jail, will be released on bail soon. According to Swiss officials, they would comply with the ruling of the court granting the director bail.

Photo: Roman Polanski

Photo: Roman Polanski

Though Roman Roman Polanski has been granted bail, he is expected to stay at his home in his Swiss home, the Alpine chalet, under electronic surveillance.

Federal Office of Justice said in a statement: “Polanski will be released from custody as soon as bail has been transferred, ID and travel documents have been lodged and the electronic monitoring system has been installed and tested.”

Alpine chalet, the USD 1.6 million home in one of the world’s most splendid winter resorts, is expected to be the place where Polanski would be put in house arrest under video surveillance. This tiny place in Switzerland has long been known as a celebrity hangout and boasts of famous names like Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson having visited the place.

The Alpine chalet offers an excellent view of the snow-clad mountain peaks and a tiny village with a population of 2500. Polanski will have all the luxuty facilities in his winter resort, but he will be under electronic surveillance all the time.

Polanski would be granted bail the moment he is able to produce the bail amount of USD 4.5million, surrenders his identity documents and is fitted for an electronic bracelet that allows authorities to monitor his whereabouts.
If Polanski ever tries to leave his home or tries to remove a monitoring device, then the device would alert the authorities.

Roman Polanski is currently in his tiny dentention cell in Zurich for raping a 13-year girl in United States more than three decades ago, and then fleeing the country.

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