Parminder Nagra nude scene in Compulsion TV movie

Bend It Like Beckam girl Parminder Nagra has shot a nude scene for her upcoming TV movie Compulsion, with actor Ray Winstone.Parminder says that the nude scene will probably not go down well with the Asian community.

Parminder Nagra will do a nude scene in Compulsion TV movie

Parminder Nagra will do a nude scene in Compulsion TV movie

“I always said I’d never do a nude scene but now I have. I know there will be a huge fuss when Compulsion comes out. It’s partly because of the fact I’m Asian. People don’t expect me to do that. I never expected myself to do that,” Nagra told Daily Mail online.

“My mum will probably disapprove but I’ll deal with that. I’m old enough now to make decisions like this,” she added.

Parminder Nagra will do a nude scene in Compulsion TV movie

Photo: Parminder Nagra, showing a lot. She has already done a nude scene in the TV movie Next Generation

It is surprising that Parminder Nagra expects her Compulsion movie nude scenes to create a fracas, considering she has already nude scenes in the 2003 Second Generation TV movie, directed by Jon Sen.

It beats me why she has to worry about giving coronaries to her mother or the Asian community now.

I am sure they would have stopped waving their “Save Indian Culture” flags after watching Nagra’s nude scenes in Second Generation.

In Second Generation she plays a young unconventional girl who breaks away from her traditional, rigid family to make her own life. She comes back when her father is dying, and finds herself having to deal with her family all over again.

In Compulsion, too, she plays a young successful woman, Anjika Indrani, who is asked by her father to marry a business associate.

Parminder Nagra hot photo

Parminder Nagra hot photo

Anjika is offered a way out of the arranged marriage by her chauffeur, Don Flowers (Ray Winstone), on the condition that she spends a night with him.

Compulsion has been written by Joshua St Johnston and directed by Sarah Harding.

Parminder Nagra Scene Second GenerationFree videos are just a click away

The rest of Compulsion‘s cast includes Ben Aldridge, Vincent Ebrahim, James Floyd, Veena Sood, Emily Wachter, Sargon Yelda, Bhasker Patel, and Emma Campbell-Webster.

Compulsion will be aired on ITV1 on May 4, 2009.

34-year-old Parminder Nagra was born in Leicester, England. She shot to fame with the 2002 Bend It Like Beckam, directed by Gurinder Chadha, in which she co-starred with Keira Knightley and Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

The movie was a runaway hit and won Parminder many nominations, and the Best Actress Golden Wave Award at the Bordeaux International Festival of Women in Cinema, in 2002.

She also won a Movieline Young Hollywood Award for best breakthrough performance in Bend It Like Beckam.

After Bend It like Beckam, things were a bit quiet for Parminder, unlike Keira Knightley who hit the big time with the Pirates of the Caribbean series, despite being
the second lead in Bend It Like Beckam.

Things looked up for Parminder Nagra after she got a movie role in Ella Enchanted, and a TV part Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, followed by a lead role in the TV
film Second Generation.

She won the Best Television Actress Ethnic Multicultural Media Award in 2004, for her role in Second Generation.

In 2003, Nagra joined the cast of ER and appeared in 21 of the 22 episodes in the season.

Parminder Nagra won an award for Outstanding Female Television Performance, at the 2006 Asian Excellence Award, for ER.

She has also received the Honorary Degree of Doctors of Letters by the University of Leicester.

Daily Mail Online quoted Nagra as saying, “Bend It Like Beckham was my breakthrough film, but for years after the only movies I was offered were about
arranged marriages. Then I got onto ER and things changed.”

The actress has joined the cast of Batman: Gotham Knight animated movie in which she will lend her voice to the character of Cassandra.

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