Mallika Sherawat shoots for Hisss in Kerala jungles

Shooting for her forthcoming flick Hisss has not been very pleasant for Mallika Sherawat. The actress has been shooting in the forests of Kerala for Hisss. Kerala forests are bad enough on regular days, thickly vegetated and teeming with icky creatures, but the unseasonal downpours in Kerala have made things very uncomfortable for Mallika.

Mallika Sherawat's look in Nagin

Mallika Sherawat's Hisss costume

Then there is the problem of locomotion. Remember we said when Mallika Sherawat dons her snake suits, she is practically immobile unless she takes to dragging herself around the floor? It’s even worse in the jungles, where the mud, slime, and worms makes you feel pretty trapped.

Mallika Sherawat’s Hisss hooded snakesuit in the movie is lumbering and cumbersome. Considering Mallika’s snake woman can swallow humans whole, Jennifer Lynch wanted her snake suit to look huge.

Jennifer Lynch, director of Mallika-starrer Hisss

Jennifer Lynch, director of Mallika-starrer Hisss

Mallika Sherawat has to don the huge snakesuit for hours, and she can’t even go to the loo for 10 hours at a stretch. Besides, the jungle is full of leeches, and the unit has its work cut out in taking them out.

In Hisss, Mallika is not supposed to utter a word. Because she is a snake, she is not supposed to understand the human language. This is quite a change from other Indian snake movies, where the
snake women not only speak the human language, but are very often bilingual, and even manage to speak fluently in colloquial local languages!

Reports say Mallika celebrated her 31st birthday in the jungle. The crew members threw a party for her and got her a cake made of vegetables and nuts, since Mallika is very fitness conscious. Hisss revolves around a snake woman out for revenge. The movie is directed by Jennifer Lynch, with special effects by renowned make-up and special-effects artist Robert Kurtzman. Kurtzman has worked on Quentin Tarantino, Sam Raimi, and Robert Rodriguez movies.

Hisss is being shot in Chennai, Kerala, and Mumbai. The movie will be released in 2009. Mallika Sherawat will be seen next in Fauj Mein Mauj, although there are rumors that the movie has been shelved. The grapevine also says that Mallika will play the role of south siren Silk Smitha in a biopic on the tragic life of the depressive actress who committed suicide in 1996.

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  1. Shalu says:

    I want to see photograph of Mallika shwerwat film of Nagin Hisss .specially photograph of shooting place Thekkdy,Pariyar National Park, Kerala

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