Madhuri Dixit to play Indira Gandhi in biopic

Madhiri Dixit, the Indian actress, is all set to play the role of India’s most powerful lady prime minister Indira Gandhi, if reports are to be believed. The two part biopic of India’s late prime minister Indira will be filmed by Indian origin director Krishna Shah and is expected to feature hollywood start like Tom Hanks and Tommy Lee Jones.

Photo: Madhuri Dixit in Aaja Nachle

Photo: Madhuri Dixit in Aaja Nachle

Though Shah has confirmed that Madhuri Dixit would play the lead in one of the films titled ‘Mother: The Indira Gandhi Story’, there is no official word from Madhuri on the same.

While Madhuri will play the role of Indira Gandhi, Hanks and Jones are expected to play the roles of Lyndon B Johnson and Richard Nixon respectively. There are also unconfirmed reports that discussions are ongoing with Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren to play the role of Queen Elizabeth II.

Reports also say Emily Watson, the British actress, would play the role of Margaret Thatcher while Albert Finney would play Peter Ustinov, who was in India expecting to meet her at the time Indira Gandhi was killed.

Mother: The Indira Gandhi Story, which is a biopic, will be made at a budget of 40million pounds and is seen as a collaboration of the Bollywood and Hollywood. The film titled “Mother: The Indira Gandhi Story“, will start filming in April in India, the UK, the US and Russia. Filmmaker Shah said: This is the project of my life, both in its scale and the subject. I have been working on the script for over two decades and it is simply a story that has to be told. It took me years to find a way into her story, but I found it with her role as a mother both to her family and to a nation with its teeming millions. Indira was India.”

The main attraction of the Indira Gandhi biopic will be a 30min war sequence which will be made with special effects and the war will feature India’s 1971 war with Pakistan. It is believed that it was the vistory of this war over Pakistan that made Indira Gandhi India’s war goddess.

The Indira Gandhi feature film will be released at the end of 2010 and will be in Hinglish.

While the first film will show Indira’s personal character and the lives she has had to go through, the second film will show Indira trying to unite India. The second film will also feature the rise of her son Sanjay Gandhi and how Indira was killed by her own bodyguards in 1984.

The 42-year old Madhuri Dixit currently lives in the United States with her husband and two sons.

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