Leonardo DiCaprio, Ruffalo star in Scorsese’s Ashecliffe

For those who get off on the Martin Scorsese – Leonardo Di Caprio combination (I do at any rate), here is good news. Their fourth collaboration, Ashecliffe, is on track and will be released in October 2009.

leonardo dicaprio in asheville

Ashecliffe is based on the novel Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane who is the writer of the bestseller Mystic River. The period thriller is set in 1954, when Rachel Solando a patient incarcerated in Ashcliffe, a hospital for the criminally insane, in Shutter Island disappears. Two US Marshalls Teddy Daniels (dishy Di Caprio)and Chuck Aule (dishier Mark Ruffalo) who are sent to investigate the disappearance of Solando get caught in a hurricane and strange happenings at Ashcliffe.
mark ruffalo in asheville

Ben Kingsley plays the head of Ashcliffe and Max von Sydow plays a psychiatrist. Michelle Williams plays Teddy Daniels’ deceased wife.
leonardo dicaprio in scorsese thriller asheville

Ashcliffe’s filming started in May 2008 as planned. Flashback scenes of Teddy Daniels, who served as a US soldier in World War II,  at the Nazis’ Dachau concentration camp were filmed in Whittenon Mills in Taunton.

Medfield State Hospital was used to shoot some scenes. Shooting took place in Peddocks Island as well.  Currently, Ashecliffe is being shot on Nathan’s East Point.

The Scorsese – DiCaprio partnership has a very good track record. Gangs of New York (2002) was the first film in which Martin Scorcese and Leonardo DiCaprio worked together. The movie got Scorsese his first Golden Globe award for Best Director.

Their next collaboration, Aviator (2004) was a huge hit and was nominated for 11 Academy awards.

The Departed (2006) was the most successful Scorcese film at the box office. Scorsese won the Golden Globe and Academy award for Best Director. The Departed also won academy awards for for the Best Motion Picture of 2006, and Best Adapted Screenplay.

Leonardo Dicaprio has won the Golden Globe for the Best Actor – Drama for The Aviator, but despite fine performances and two nominations for The Aviator and Blood Diamond, has yet to win an Academy Award.

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4 Responses to Leonardo DiCaprio, Ruffalo star in Scorsese’s Ashecliffe

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  2. dan element says:

    the book was called shutter island then they where going to call the movie Ashcliffe but they changed it back to shutter island

  3. christy says:

    dan they did not change it, my dad worked on that movie. it is called ashcliffe, even ask leonardo dicaprio. dumbass.

  4. knowitall says:

    well miss christy i guess youre the dumbass because it is coming out as SHUTTERISLAND…sure your dad was working on it? lol

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