Leaves of Grass first photo with Ed Norton as twins

Ain’t It Cool News has reported that the first picture of Leaves of Grass is out on the Web. Leaves of Grass stars that veteran of double roles, Edward Norton, in yet another double role. Previously Edward Norton has been seen in dual roles in Primal Fear, Fight Club, The Score, and The Incredible Hulk.

Leaves of Grass first photo

Leaves of Grass first photo

In Leaves of Grass, Edward Norton plays identical twins. One is an Ivy league professor, Bill Kincaid, and the other is a genius bad boy marijuana-grower.

Bill Kincaid’s devious twin brother lures him to southeastern Oklahoma where he ends up taking on drug lord (Richard Dreyfuss.)

Leaves of Grass poster

Leaves of Grass poster

Leaves of Grass has been written and directed by Tim Blake Nelson. The movie also stars Susan Sarandon, Keri Russell, Melanie Lynskey, Maggie Sif and Tim Blake Nelson, who plays a friend of one of the twin brothers.

Susan Sarandon plays the mother of the twins, and Keri Russell will be a love interest.

Leaves of Grass has been produced by Ed Norton and Nelson and has been financed by Barbarian Films with Bill Migliore.

Norton and Nelson recently teamed for The Incredible Hulk with Norton playing the title character. Nelson reportedly wrote Leaves of Grass for Norton’s talents and has been waiting for the right chance for the actor to take the project.

Tim Blake Nelson is known more as a superb character actor than as a director. He has acted in more than 40 movies and directed six movies, Haskett’s Chance, Kansas, Eye of God, O, and The Grey Zone.

Reports say that Nelson had written the script of Leaves of Grass with Ed Norton in mind, with whom he has worked in The Incredible Hunk.

Edward Norton has two Oscar nominations to his name. He was nominated for the Best Actor Oscar award for American History X (1999), and Best Supporting Actor for Primal Fear (1996).

Norton has won the Golden Globe award in 1997 for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture for the movie Primal Fear.

Jean-Claude Van Damme in Double Impact

Jean-Claude Van Damme in Double Impact

It would be interesting to see Ed Norton playing twins in Leaves of Grass. At the very least, he will be better than Jean-Claude Van Damme in Double Impact.

Edward Norton will be next seen in Motherless Brooklyn.

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One Response to Leaves of Grass first photo with Ed Norton as twins

  1. TP10 says:

    More conventional, comfort zone lint-pickings from the -once- promising Norton.
    For someone who fancies himself an ‘artist’ -has some ability -and who has already MADE his money -his last several
    projects have been even more predictable and boring than a David Letterman monologue.

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