Jessica Biel stripper movie Powder Blue to skip theatre release, direct to DVD

Much-anticipated indie movie Powder Blue, which promises Jessica Biel strip scenes, will not make it to theaters near you, Cinematical reports. We have no idea why this is so.

Photo:Jessica Biel and Patrick Swayze in Powder Blue

Photo: Jessica Biel and Don Swayze in Powder Blue

Instead the movie will go straight to DVD and Blue-Ray on June 9, 2009. The news will disappoint a lot of those waiting see Jessica Biel strip in the movie. On the other hand, buy the Powder Blue DVD and you have naked Jessica Biel at home. Not a bad prospect, right?

The movie stars Forest Whitaker, Patrick Swayze,  Kris Kristofferson, Eddie Redmayne, and Ray Liotta.

Set in Los Angeles, Powder Blue weaves together stories of four people, whose lives intersect on Christmas Eve. There is Rose-Johnny (Jessica Biel) who plays a single mother stripping to save her dying son.

Powder Blue poster

Powder Blue poster

Patrick Swayze plays the vulgar owner of the strip club where Rose-Johnny strips.

Eddie Redmayne plays a mortician in love with Rose-Johnny, Whittaker potrays will play a suicidal ex-priest, and Alejandro Romero plays a transsexual prostitute who finds a  fortuitous common ground with Whitaker.

Powder Blue has been written and directed by Timothy Linh-Bui.

Jessica Biel strip scene
Jessica Biel strip scene in Powder Blue

Jessica Biel is best known for her role in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (2007), The Illusionist (2006), and Next (2007).

Her last release is the 2009 Easy Virtue, directed by Stephan Elliot, starring Colin Firth, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Ben Barnes.

Here is a video of Jessica Biel in Powder Blue

Jessica Biel’s forthcoming movies include Nailed and Planet 51. Nailed is a romantic comedy, in which Jessica Biel plays a young woman who gets a nail lodged in her head, by accident. She goes to Washington seeking better treatment and ends up falling in love with senator Howard Birdwell, played by Jake Gyllenhall.

Nailed, directed by David O. Russell and co-written by Kristin Gore, also stars James Marsden and Catherine Keener.

Planet 51, is an animated film, produced by Ilion Animation Studios and directed by Jorge Blanco.

Timothy Linh-Bui is the director of Green Dragon, and producer-co-writer of Three Seasons. He has also exec-produced Owl and The Sparrow (2007), My Name Is..(2007), and Wonderful Tonight (2003).

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  1. Joey says:

    Photo: Jessica Biel and Patrick Swayze in Powder Blue

    THAT’S NOT Patrick Swayze, it’s his brother..

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