Jennifer Aniston in Hollywood remake of Bollywood classic Khamoshi?

After remakes being announced for old hollywood classics, now its the turn of old Bollywood classics to be rehashed for Hollywood. Los Angeles restaurateur Sanjay Patel has said that a Hollywood remake of the 1969 Bollywood classic Khamoshi is in the works.

jennifer aniston

The Indian media has reported that Patel claims Jennifer Aniston has been roped in to play the female lead. In the next breath, the reports say that Jennifer Anistion, who was “moved to tears” when she heard the story, wants to see the script. I assume when you say an actor has been roped in to play a role, he or she has accepted the role instead of wanting to look at the script for the first time. That too a script that is not ready yet. Patel has been quoted as saying, “Now she wants me to give her the full script which we’re working on.” So, the script is not in place but Jennifer Aniston has been roped in. Nice.

Patel then asserts that he is “considering” Brad Pitt and Keanu Reeves for the two male lead roles. I don’t want to snigger but Patel is considering Brad Pitt for a role, which is not even there on paper, when even top directors in Hollywood say they would like to work with Pitt, and consider themselves lucky to get him to sign on the dotted line.

Note: There is no mention of any directors that are being considered. I have this terrible feeling that Patel would probably produce, write, and direct the movie, that isĀ if it ever takes off.

This is not to take away from Khamoshi in any way. It is a wonderfully sensitive and subtle movie, and I hate to think of what would happen to it in Patel’s hands. He is already talking about major changes. God save us from enthusiastic, amateur wannabe filmmakers with deep pockets.

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