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22 March, 2008

Review: Taare Zameen Par

Review: Jab We Met

Review: I am Legend

Om Shanti Om is O so Ossom!

Review: No Smoking

Review: Speed

Review: Rogue Assassin

Review: Kaisa Mera Daag hai!

Review: Bhool Ke Bhi Mat Jaana

Review: Please, donít go

Review: Dil Dosti Etc etc etc

Aishwarya Rai to play Mumtaz in Hollywood film

Review: A penny for Johnny

Review: Manorama Six Feet Under

Review: Ram Gopal Varma Ki Saag
Related: A non-Sholay-lovers take on RGV ki AAg

Heyy Babyy review: base comedy

Marigold movie review: As B-grade as it gets

Chak De India movie review

I also want Umbrella, please!

Shahrukh Khan: It ainít over till itís over
The evolution of King Khan

Bho-Bekar - The Bow Barracks Forever movie review

Govinda Ala ki Gela?
Well, Ala and Gela. But, pretty much Gela.

Aamir, the canny masala marketer

As the reticent Aamir Khan blogs about Lagaan's DVD release and taps audiences for ideas for upcoming productions, marketing of Bollywood fare gets a new twist.

Harrowing tales aplenty at Human Rights Watch Film Festival

Katie Holmes in a mood for more kids

Indian summer at Cannes 2007

Bangkok International Film Festival in July 2007

Christian themed movies beat sex themes at the box office!

Directors of movies, teleplays in China urged to cut smoking scenes

Govt to invest in Hong Kongís movie production

Little Miss Sunshine bags best picture award at TAFFY

Cinema Today 2007 expo in Chennai from Feb 16

Flags Of Our Fathers: Movie Review

Letters From Iwo Jima bags Oscar nomination

Golden Globes winners 2007

2007 Oscar nominations: Nominee list announced

"The Departed" gets Critics Choice Best Picture award

Oscar 2006-2007: Ellen DeGeneres to host awards this year
The 2007 Oscar awards preparations picking up. Nominations will be announced soon.

DWS shortlist for Oscar 2007 nominations and nominees

Govinda scripts incredible come back with Bhagam Bhag
After five years, Govinda back to the silver screen with a laugh riot.

Jodha-Akbar director fights a different battle
Animal abuse, twisting historical facts.. the allegations continue.

SRK keen on starring in Arab movie
Shah Rukh Khan says he would like to act in an Arab movie.

Casino Royale becomes illegal download favourite
Illegal downloads of Casino Royale rampant.

Johar lines up animated movie
Watch out for weeping cartoons.

Gowarikar epic Akbar Jodha hits SPCA speedbreaker

Seven movies from Subash Ghai in 2007
Mukta Searchlight will produce tree movies, Mukta Arts will produce four.

Global Indian Film Awards to be held in Malaysia
Big hits of the year KANK, Lage Raho Munnabhai and RDB will compete for best film.

Experience, not analyse
Hrishikeshda's movies were meant to be enjoyed and savored, not analysed, pontificated upon and labeled.

A prequel for Star Trek?
Paramount has roped in director J.J. Abrams to helm an untitled project that may be a prequel.

Al Pacino to direct and star in Salomaybe?
The veteran hollywood star, Al Pacino, is all set to play King Herod in Salomaybe?, a movie version of Oscar Wilde's Salome.

Aishwarya Rai and Will Smith to act in a movie soon
The only hitch: she may not have the dates.

Nicholas Cage and 50 Cent in The Dance
Universal Pictures' The Dance movie  will star Nicholas Cage and 50 Cent. 

Salma Hayek and Collin Farrel in Ask the Dust movie
Ask the Dust movie: Salma found being nude with Collin Farrel 'okay'.

Memoirs of A Geisha: Memorable movie

King Kong: King-sized entertainment

Spicy Mistress: Aishwarya Rai

Daniel Craig: The new face of James Bond


The Low Dwellers, next Ridley Scott-DiCaprio movie

Review: Jodhaa Akbar

Mithya: Dark, dark noir

Review: Rama Rama, maine nahi jaana

Review: Sunday

Review: Bombay to Bangkok

Review: Aaja Nachle

Review: Gauri The Unborn

Review: Goal

Review: Saawariya

SET bags rights of Yash Raj movies

Review: Loins of Punjab Presents

Cash movie review

Gandhi My Father Preview

Chak De India preview

Rajni the King and I: Alive and In Love

In the second part of Rajni and I, Rajnikanth's love-struck inamorata cracks just why everyone loves to love Rajni.

Rajni the King and I: A Love Story

Faith-based movies getting popular

Iran forces Persepolis animated film out of Bangkok film festival

UTV, Priyanka Chopra sign three-film deal

US moves in to bridle marketing of horror-violence movies to youth

Movie halls still beat home theater hollow!

R-rated movies drag white teens into smoking, reveals study

Blood Diamond: Revisiting the blood of Sierra Leone
Leonardo DiCaprio presents one of his career-best performances in the movie on Sierra Leone's civil war fuelled by conflict diamonds.

Dreamgirls bags 8 Oscar nominations

Men too like mushy movies, new research reveals

Chinese movie industry news: China film industry record growth in 2006

Deepa Mehta's Water shortlisted for Oscar

Aishwarya Rai has been Bachchan bahu for long

Anil Kumble to appear in Meerabai Not Out
Meerabai Not Out to see cameo by Anil Kumble.

Rajshri presents Vivah movie online
Other famous Rajshri movies also available online for download on the rajshri.com site

Comrades in Dreams paints a softer picture of North Korea
German documentary portrays movie projectionist from North Korea.

Don: The world beckons
SRK's Don to be released in 28 countries.

Daniel Pearlís celluloid rebirth in Pune
Shooting for 'A mighty heart' takes place in Pune, with international superstars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt making an appearance.

Neha Dhupia delivers a hit in Mewton's Hollywood advertisement
Bollywood glamour goes to Hollywood.

When DDLJ bowled over the Swiss
Switzerland thanks the Chopra's for popularising Swiss locales.

Jude Law dating Sophie Monk?
Sophie's publicist says no. But Hollywood thinks otherwise.

India reacts vehemently to Pope's comments
The Pope's recent comments on conversions in India have upset the BJP and put Indian Christians on the defensive.

Fanaa lives up to its name
Caught between boycotts in Gujarat and Mumbai over different reasons, the movie is in a lot of hot water.

Indian censors spare Da Vinci Code a cut but slap 'A' tag
The Da Vinci Code cleared for release in India without cuts, but with a disclaimer and adults only tag.

Catholic Church to play censor board


Oscar News:

Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet, Renee Zellweger most stylish on Oscar nights

2008 Oscar night to have Oscar winners, stars as hosts

2008 Oscar award best director winner and nominations

2008 Oscar award best supporting actor nominees, winner

2008 Oscar award best supporting actress winner and nominees

2008 Oscar award best picture winner and nominees

2008 Oscar award best actor winner and nominees

2008 Oscar award best actress winner and nominees

2008 Oscar night party called off

Oscar statuettes exhibition to be held in New York

2008 Governor's Ball to be held after Oscar awards ceremony

Daniel Day-Lewis, Julie Christie 2008 Oscar award favorites

Falling Slowly song eligible for Oscars

2008 Oscar awards Best Picture poster unveiled

2008 Oscar award winner and nominees

2008 Oscar nominations are out

2008 Golden Globe Best Motion Picture - Drama winner is Atonement

Golden Globes Best Picture Musical of Comedy winner is Sweeney Todd

Golden Globes Best Actor - Drama winner and nominations

Golden Globe Best Actor in a comedy winner and nominations

Golden Globe Best Actress - Drama winner and nominations

Golden Globe Best Actress in a comedy winner and nominations

Golden Globes Best Director winner and nominees

Golden Globes 2008 Best Supporting Actor winner and nominees

Golden Globes 2008 Best Supporting Actress winner and nominees

Hollywoodís films on Iraq war flop in US

Brokeback Mountain, starring Albus Dumbledore!

Review: Kaise Jaisalmer!

Review: Darling, jaane kahan gaye woh ghost

Shemaroo launches music of animation movie Bal Ganesh

Aishwarya Rai in Pink Panther sequel

Sivaji director Shankar ropes in Shah Rukh Khan for next film

Osianís Cinefan Festival begins in Delhi

Hollywood amusement park soon in Mumbai

Steven Spielberg to create games for EA

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:
Best Potter movie ever?

 Gandhians protest against Gandhi My Father

Paediatricians warn against smoking in movies

Babel: Tale of confusion

Canadian papers go gaga over Guru premiere

IIFA awards: Rang De Black

Winona Ryder to star in Sex and Death 101

Ram Gopal Varma's Nishabd ready

Munnabhai goes to Hollywood

Brangelina Baby Brouhaha

Will Krrish be India's first successful superhero?

Music composer Naushad passes away
The only exponent of Hindustani music in Indian cinema, Naushad, passed away on Friday morning

Othello in Bollywood as Omkara
Vishal Bhardwaj hopes to do another Maqbool.

Antonio Banderas in Conquistador movie
Antonio Banderas is all set to play Spanish conqueror Hernan Cortes.

Being Faltoo
Saif Ali Khan's 'English' movie is an avoidable bore.




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