Helen Mirren stars in The Debt as mossad agent

Helen Mirren

Dame Helen Mirren

Dame Helen Mirren will star in the psychological thriller, The Debt. The plot of The Debt revolves around Rachel Singer (Dame Helen Mirren), a mossad agent, who becomes a war hero after she and three other agents claim to have killed a Nazi war criminal, knows as the Surgeon of Birkenau, in East Berlin in the 1960s.

When the purportedly dead Nazi turns up after three decades, claiming to be the surgeon, Rachel Singer and the other agents who had been sent with her to capture the Surgeon of Birkenau 30 years ago, scramble to deal with the fact that they are living a lie, and to save face.

Miramax Films’ The Debt, is directed by John Madden and produced by Matthew Vaughn and Kris Thykier.

The Debt will go into production in 2009, and will be shot in Israel, Germany, and Britain.

The Debt has been written by director Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman.

The Debt is based on HaHov, a critically acclaimed, 2007 Hebrew film director by Assaf Bernstein.

Dame Helen Mirren to star in The Debt

Dame Helen Mirren to star in The Debt

Helen Mirren won an Oscar for Best Actress in the 2006 movie, The Queen. Dame Helen Mirren has also won the Emmy Outstanding Lead actress award for the 1996 Prime Suspect 4: Scent of Darkness, the 1999 The Passion of Ayn Rand, the 2006 Elizabeth I, and the 2007 Prime Suspect: The Final Act.

Dame Helen Mirren will be seen next in the fantasy drama Inkheart and a remake of the classic 2003 BBC TV series State of the Play, starring Ben Affleck and Russell Crowe. Dame Helen Mirren will also appear in Love Ranch, and the Last Station, based on Leo Tolstoy. Dame Helen Mirren will play Sofia Tolstoy.

John Madden has directed the 1999 movie Shakespeare in Love, for which he was nominated for the Academy award for Best Director.

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