First Avenger: Captain America movie soon

Marvel Studios is moving fast on the movie version of Captain America. Called Avenger: Captain America, the movie has a director on board, Joe Johnston.

First Avenger: Captain AmericaFirst Avenger: Captain America

Hollywood Reporter has said that negotiations are on with Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, to write the script.

Markus and McFeely are the scriptwriters of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, and Prince Caspian.

First Avenger: Captain America is being produced by Kevin Feige. The movie that will go into production soon, and will be filmed at Raleigh Studios in Manhattan Beach, California.

The movie will be set during World War II.

First Avenger: Captain America will be released on May 6, 2011.

Captain America

Captain America

Captain America first appeared in Timely Comics, and later in Marvel Comics. The character created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby was very popular during WW II, and is said to represent Kirby and Simon’s angst about Nazi Germany.

Captain America, or Steve Rogers, was a young illustrator who wanted to sign up for the WW II, but was rejected because of his sickly constitution. Given a chance to take part in a hush-hush defence project, Steven Rogers agrees to become a test subject for the Super-Soldier serum. Rogers becomes a super-strong optimal human being, Captain America, and takes on the Nazis, Japanese, and other foes of America.
First Avenger: Captain America is one of the first few independent films that Marvel Studios has planned.

The first two independent films were Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk released in 2008.

In the works, are Iron Man 2, Thor, The Avengers, Ant-Man, Nick Fury, Runaways, Cloak and Dagger, and Doctor Strange.

Directors and screen writers have been attached to some of these projects. Iron Man 2 will be directed by Jon Favreau with no change in cast, except for Terrence Howard being replaced by Don Cheadle.

Ant-Man will be directed by Edgar Wright and scripted by Joe Cornish.

Andrew W. Marlow and Brian K. Vaughan have been attached as scriptwriters for Nick Fury and Runaways, respectively.

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