Colors to launch a new series, Mere Ghar Aayi Ek Nanhi Pari

After enjoying the success of their daily soaps like ‘Balika Vadhu’ and ‘Uttaran’ and reality shows like ‘Dancing Queen’ Colors is all set to premiere their new series which be called ‘Mere Ghar Aayi Ek Nanhi Pari’.

Promo image of Mere Ghar AAyi Ek Nanhi Pari

Promo image of Mere Ghar AAyi Ek Nanhi Pari

The series ‘Nanhi Pari’ is a story about the family from Delhi’s Chandni Chowk who experience the birth of a baby girl after 18 years of their marriage and is about to welcome Laksmi’s avatar at home.

On the occasion of the launch, Ashvini Yardi, Head Programming, Colors, said, “We at COLORS believe in innovation. Mere Ghar Aayi Ek Nanhi Pari is a beautiful concept. It brings forth positive values with a feel good flavor. To have such a show at prime time is the key to standing out of the clutter.”

“We will continue to deliver a strong proposition of differentiation and distinctive content. It helps draw in the attention of the viewer.” Ashvini Vardi said that Colors TV channel is positive that Mere Ghar Aayi Ek Nanhi Pari would touch millions of hearts across the country. “We at COLORS have created a benchmark in terms of our programming,” added Vardi.

The daily soap is yet another women-centric drama, and is also socially conscious. In a country where female foeticide is still high, TV serials like Balika Vadhu and Nanhi Pari have been welcomed.

Roshan Lal, also known as Lalaji, a partition survivor marries another partition refugee Guneeta Kaur and they settle in Chandni Chowk. They are blessed with everything except a girl and when they witness the birth of their daughter after 18 years the family is over the moon. They name the girl Chandni, and everythng that happens in the little girl’s life is given lots of importance. She is never left alone and even the smallest thing like her first appointment with the dentist is becomes a family affair. Her birthday is celebrated as the most important day of the year, every year.

‘Mere Ghar Aayi Ek Nanhi Pari’ basically moves around along the life of Chandni and her ups and downs and how the family backs her up in all her bad times. Mere Ghar Aayi Ek Nanhi Pari is a celebration of love and life and more importantly it celebrates the girl child and her rights.

Megha Chapekar will be portraying Chandni’s life, Lalji is characterized by Kulbhushan Kharbanda and Guneeta Ramlal Chawla is played by Joyshri Arora. The show is produced by DJ Creation. The show will be telecasted from March 9th every weekday at 9:30 pm on Colors.

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2 Responses to Colors to launch a new series, Mere Ghar Aayi Ek Nanhi Pari

  1. ritu says:

    mere ghar aayi ek nanhi pari is great i m the big fan of this show and i like Mugdha soooooooooooooooooo much.

  2. amsang says:

    its a good serials but the repeat time keeps on changing. there should be a fix time for the repeat not fluctuating every time

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