Channel V Launchpad 3 reality show finalists in House of Rock

The third season of Channel V’s Launchpad reality hunt show has been kicked off.

Channel V Launch Pad 3 reality show

Channel V Launchpad 3 reality show

In January 2009, bands were called for auditions from all over the country. Finally seven bands, Faridkot, Reverse Polarity, Cassini’s Division, Blank Noise, Workshop, Circus, and Prachir, were shortlisted. These seven bands entered the House of Rock on February 7, 2009, where they will stay for ten days and perform challenging tasks to win the contest.

During the ten days, the bands will be totally disconnected from the outer world. The seven bands will be trained and mentored by Vishal Dadlani and provided a jam room to make their music.

On his stay in the house, IP Singh, vocalist of Faridkot commented, “It’s good being here, it’s definitely better than working at the office, and we are doing what we like here – making music.”

Faridkot have also been nominated for the Jack Daniel’s Rock Awards to be held in coming weeks for their song Madhav. ” I don’t think we’ll be able to attend that,” Singh said.

One of the tasks given to the seven bands on Day One was to voluntarily pick out one word and make a song out of it in ten minutes. Songs were made on words like Mummy (Faridkot), Pappu (Prachir), Waxing (Cassini’s Division), Bra (Reverse Polarity), Boyfriend (Blank Noise), 420 (Workshop).

There are some band members who have to sit for exams in a few weeks time. Despite that they are completely focused on their music.

The bands will also perform three gigs at the Blue Frog, on February 2, 5, and 9, 2009. They will be judged by a jury comprising Vishal Dadlani, SHAA’IR + FUNC, Ashutosh Phatak, Dhruv Ghanekar, Shekhar, and Raghu Dikshit.

The band that wins the Channel V Launchpad 3 reality show will get to cut an album, secure a record label deal, publish their photo on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, and shoot a music video with Channel V.

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