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Casino Royale becomes illegal download favourite

Illegal downloads of Casino Royale rampant.

November 22, 2006

Agent 007 is creating a record he is seldom licensed to. The latest Bond flick Casino Royale is reported to be illegally downloaded over 2,00,000 times since its worldwide release last week.

A report by Internet monitoring company Envisional said that two pirated versions of Casino Royale were available on file sharing networks. One of them is believed to have originated in Russia, while the other, a higher quality version, was possibly from Italy.

Envisinal says that currently there are several million active digital pirates. Many of them are ordinary families that have got into the habit of downloading the latest episodes of American TV hits. And they don't have any qualms about using file sharing networks to copy new movies without paying.

Meanwhile, Casino Royale is dong big business across the globe. The new blond Bond, Daniel Craig, who had been seen with skepticism when he was picked for the role, is having the last laugh. 

Many who have watched the film now admit that he is the man perfectly fitting the role when they see Craig in Casino Royale. Craig is a great Bond, but reviewers seem to have fond problems with the rest of the movie.

According to one of the reviews, the black-and-white and very violent opening puts Casino Royale in the same league as the real Bond movies of the earlier era. The on-foot chase through a building site is the most exciting Bond scene in years and makes one wonder just how the rest of the film will up the ante. However it doesn't. Casino Royale suffers where other Bond outings have also suffered because of a below par villain, a romance that doesn't burn up the screen and a script that just isn't tight or good enough.

The saviour for Casino Royale, if any, is Craig. He brings with him a menace and this actor makes even the below par scenes worth watching, say avid film watchers.

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Casino Royale becomes illegal download favourite
Illegal downloads of Casino Royale rampant.

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