Carrie’s romance on the rocks in Sex and the City 2

So what happens after singleton Carrie Bradshaw settles down into coupledom with Mr Big? You just have to wait till May 28 to find out.

Sex and the City 2, the much-anticipated sequel to the first movie, releases this summer and picks up the tale two years after Carrie and Mr Big tied the knot. Directed by Michael Patrick King, the film opens with Jay-Z and Alicia Key’s Empire State of Mind playing in the background as Carrie speaks up,  “In two years, amazing things can happen.”

Well, amazing things may happen, but some things remain the same.  Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattralll and Kristen Davis reprise their roles as Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte. A little older, a little wiser (really?), but still the same girls who love their Cosmopolitans and designer gear. Like Samantha tells her BFFs: “We made a deal ages ago. Man, babies, doesn’t matter. We’re soul mates.”

Two years of marriage later, romance seems to be on the rocks for Carrie and Mr. Big. As Carrie puts it: “Big and I are getting a little too Mr. and Mrs. Married. We have to work on the sparkle.”

Carrie catches her husband flirting with a hot Spanish woman (yes, Penelope Cruz makes an entry) at a bar; sexy Samantha’s popping anti-aging pills and bed-hopping as usual; Charlotte’s struggling to deal with her two children (Baby Rose and Lily) while Miranda seems to be successfully juggling her family and career life.

Hmm, Manhattan’s most fashion-conscious female foursome doesn’t seem to be doing too well.

Despite all that, the close-knit quarter glitzily romps through their existential crises in this glitzy romp set in New York.

But what happens after you day “I do” and things aren’t really falling into place? The BFFs decide to get away from it all in an entirely new city. The girls head for Abu Dhabi – on an all-expenses paid, women-only trip arranged by, who else but Samantha.

That’s when the, ahem, fun starts. Carrie runs into, guess who? Former fiancé Aiden (John Corbett).

At a chance meeting in a street market, Aiden tells Carrie, “This is the best mirage I’ve ever had.”

Loyal fans will remember the charming and witty furniture designer who romanced Carrie during most of the TV show’s fourth season.

Now for the big question. Will Carrie have an affair with Aiden?

Face to face with her past, a perplexed Carrie doesn’t know what will happen to her present. “We bump into each other half way round the world – I think it means something.”

But Charlotte has some advice. “I think you’re playing with fire.”

What happens next? You’ll have to watch Sex and the City 2 to find out.

The new SATC movie also has a couple of cameos – Liza Minnelli at Stanford’s wedding and Miley Cyrus chilling with Samantha at a movie premiere.

But Miley Cyrus fans, take note. The Hannah Montana star doesn’t have too much to do in Sex and the City 2 movie. According to, Miley Cyrus appears in the R-rated sequel with Kim Cattrall.

In the scene, Samantha Jones reportedly wants to look “hot and young”. To her horror, she winds up on a red carpet with Miley Cyrus wearing – gasp – the same dress. No wonder that perpetual sidekick Anthony blurts out, “Mother of God. She is wearing the same dress as Hannah Montana!”

Existential crises notwithstanding, we predict an all’s-swell-that-ends-well-ending for this movie

So get those sexy Jimmy Choos and Manolo Blahniks out of the closet. You’ll need them when you go to catch Sex and the City 2.

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