Big Boss 3 winner predictions

With just a few weeks left for Big Boss 3 to reach its end, a lot of permutations and combinations are being discussed not just within the Big Boss house but also by its viewers about who will be the winner of the show.As of November 21, 2008, only eight people remain in the house, out of the original 15, including the two wildcard entrants, Vinod Kambli and Pravesh Rana.

The last member to be evicted was ex-cricketer Vinod Kambli.

The eight remaining Big Boss 3 contestants are:

1) Aditi Gowatrikar
2) Claudia Ciesla

Photo: Claudia Ciesla

Photo: Claudia Ciesla

3) Poonam Dhillon
4) Rohit Varma
5) Bhaktiyar Irani
6)Pravesh Rana

Photo: Pravesh Rana

Photo: Pravesh Rana

7) Raju Srivastava

Photo: Raju Srivastava

Photo: Raju Srivastava

8) Vindu Dara Singh

Who’s going to be the Big Boss 3 winner?

Historically, Big Boss winners have been male, be it Rohit Roy who won Big Boss 1 or Ashutosh Kaushik, winner of Big Boss 2.

Will Big Boss 3 break the gender jinx? Assuming it doesn’t and Indian voters stick by male contestants, then the choice would be between Rohit Varma, Vindu Dara Singh, Raju Srivastava, Bhaktiyar Irani, and Pravesh Rana.

Of these Rohit Varma can be safely crossed out, largely because of his unpleasant personality and maybe for being gay, which would be a sad reason, but then Indian audiences are not known to be too kind to transgender individuals.

One of the patterns that has emerged in the eviction choices so far is the audience’s rejection of contestants without any personality.

Bad but vivid is better than good or harmless and wishy-washy. Case in point being Kamal Rashid Khan. TRPs fell when the controversial director was thrown out. He has now been brought back through a wild card entry, which is suspect will only last a week tops.

Another example is Vinod Kambli. He made no impression in the one week that he was there except for flitting around like a specter.

Ditto for Sheryln Chopra, Ismail Darbar, and Jaya Sawant. Sheryln Chopra is also an interesting example. Many expected her to repeat Rakhi Sawant’s performance. Didn’t happen. Why? The girl had no chutzpah. Unlike a vibrant Rakhi Sawant who made her presence felt, Sheryln was practically invisible. Oh Jejus!

Why was the bright Tanaaz evicted then? Most likely because she was nominated with her husband, Bhaktiyar Irani. If there is a choice between a male and a female, the female will go.

So keeping the pattern in mind, Bhaktiyar Irani may be evicted because he is a big bore. The man behaves as though he is acting in a B-grade Bollywood film, crying and wringing his hands.

Then there is Vindu Dara Singh. The chinless wonder can drive anyone mad with his nonsensical chatter. It will stand out even more as the number of contestants dwindle. Therefore, he is likely to be evicted as well.

What we are left with are Raju Srivastava and Pravesh Rana. Here, things get a bit sticky. Raju Srivastava has a very big fan following that he is counting on. But, on the other hand, even though he has been funny at times, he has not really enlivened things.

Pravesh Rana has a decent chance too. He is young and good looking and has street smarts. He is also entertaining to boot; so it could be touch and go between the two. Depends on how many fans Pravesh Rana can acquire.

Coming to the women participants, if, and its a big IF, audiences are not biased against them because they are women, then who would have a good chance to win?

Of the three women participants left in the house, Poonam Dhillon and Aditi Gowatrikar are guilty of a cardinal sin. They are simply too boring. The former is like a proper mother hen (so not good TV) and the latter is too grave. Doesn’t work that way.

Claudia Ciesla may have a good chance to make it the top three but I do not think she will be the winner of Big Boss 3. For if ever there is a choice between her and, say Raju Srivastava, or Pravesh Rana, she will most likely be out.

So, my final three contestants are most likely to be Raju Srivastava, Pravesh Rana, and Claudia Ciesla.

We’ll find out soon enough, I guess.

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5 Responses to Big Boss 3 winner predictions

  1. Sanjaya says:

    Raju Srivastav, because he has the highets fan following amongst all the contestants.

  2. rahul singh chauhan says:

    Vindu dara singh /Poonam

  3. anna says:

    Raju is the best contestant in big boos3.

  4. Singh says:

    How the hell pravesh and claudia became ur finalists….shoottt…!!!!!!!!!
    Pravesh is a **** and u r saying he is a entertainer…..????????????????????
    finalists will be raju, vindu and bakhtiar…and raju or vindu will win..!!

  5. vishal says:

    Check your brains, before you write such a wothless article. All your permutaions have licked dust, and please spare us more verbal deluge. How do you people get writing jobs?

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