AR Rahman’s The Big Band reality show soon

This should be interesting. Those who of you fed up of silly, mediocre reality shows, rejoice! You can look forward to The Big Band reality show that will be hosted by AR Rahman on Doordarshan, starting early
December 2008.

AR Rahman to host the Big Band reality show

AR Rahman to host the Big Band reality show

“There is a huge audience of people who look beyond the typical Bollywood music. Music talents cutting across regions, languages, genres will be performing on the show. Considering the excellent reach of Doordarshan, we will launch the show soon on Doordarshan,” Phat Phish chairman Anand Surapur was quoted as saying at the promotion of the show.

Bands from seven countries will participate in the The Big Band reality show – India, Nepal, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

At the promotion of the Big Band reality show, AR Rahman said, “We have seen so many reality shows on the television. But what makes it different is that the show is not all about India alone, we have the idea of providing a common platform for all these guys from various places.”

“The Big Band is a unique stage that will give local bands a chance to dive deep into their true artistic depth and create original music, which transcends language and that is universally accessible. We want to present to India and the world at large the story behind what forms and binds a band and how they can be mentored to become world class talent,” he added.

The winner of The Big Band Show will get a three-year recording contract with Phat Phish Records, apart from Rs 10 million in cash, and artist management up to three albums and six music videos, and national as well as international tours and concerts.

Conditions for qualifying for the Big Band reality show

Bands can send their entries, across genres, for The Big Band reality show.

The bands that will take part in The Big Band reality show will need to have 2 – 10 members with at least one lead singer.

To qualify, the participating bands must submit three tunes. The first tune will need to be an original interpretation of a popular folk, regional, or Bollywood song.

The second tune will have to be an interpretation of a melody composed by AR Rahman specially for The Big Band show. The melody will be released on October 24, 2008.

The third tune that the bands participating in The Big Band Show must submit, should be an original composition.

The competing bands that are short listed will be called to take part in the first audition stage where they will be given a choice of three tunes by the judges, one of which they will have to perform.

The format of the Big Band reality show

The Big Band reality show will showcase Rahman’s travel through 15 states in India, scouring for original talent. The reality show series aims to find a few bands from across the sub-continent and nurture talent across different genres.

The Big Band reality show will also showcase the lives of the participating band members.

In another departure from typical reality shows, the Big Band show will do away with the SMS voting format and guest Celebrity judges, inviting laypersons like homemakers and young people to judge the show.

The Big Band show will be aired in the prime time slot by Doordarshan.

Applicants can log on to to send in their entries. The last date for submitting applications is November 15, 2008.

Phat Phish has earlier launched artists like Rabbi, Avial and Da Saz, known for their distinctive music.

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