American Idol judge Cowell quits show

The most famous judge of America’s most watched TV reality show Simon Cowell has said he is leaving the show. Cowell said he will quit the show in May and will start his own reality show.


The American Idol, America’s most watched TV show on Fox TV, has thus lost one of the most powerful personalities of reality TV. It was Simon Cowell’s sarcastic quips that were a big draw for the TV show.

Cowell confirmed that he would bring to Fox a US version of his UK reality show “The X Factor” in the fall of 2011. Cowell would be both a judge and executive producer of the show.

Simon Cowell’s contract with America Idol ends in May 2010 and Cowell has said that he is sure that the show will continue doing well without him.

Paula Abdul – the original judge of American Idol – quit the show last summer over differences over her contract and Cowell has hinted that she might join him on his show.”I adore Paula. Whatever happens, I will be working with her in some capacity because I miss her,” he said.

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