We deliver audiences at the point of intent and aggregate more than half a million audiences every month who are looking for the latest in product news, launches, deals and reviews.

Launched in 2005, the site ranks #17 among the news websites in India by The site, across its channels, gets more than 1.2 million page views a month, and rising.

Using our proprietary content technology, we track and determine what content audiences with intent are seeking – and we connect these audiences on our content pages with your products and brands. The consistently high click-through rates on our site validates this value proposition.

Our visitor profile reflects the skew towards audience with intent, and more than 70% of our traffic comes from search engines.

Most people on the site are searching for specific brands, brand categories in gadgets & appliances and automobiles.

If you are seeking to reach out to audiences at the point of intent through targeted solutions, and will deliver significantly higher performance results.

Contact us to discuss advertising opportunities, including custom solutions.


Custom sections

Sponsor a fully customized content section, with all elements built around your campaign. We will create special content packages including stories and videos, fully customized landing page, pre-rolls, product microsites etc.

Sponsor sections

Sponsor editorial special packages around a theme/topic, including stories and videos that are aligned with your brand communication. The section has a templated landing page, with prominent display for advertiser message above the navigation bar.

Product guides placements

Place your brand message in our highly targeted editorial environment of product comparisons, listings and rankings. This could be through rollovers which expand to display advertiser messages, videos, forms, coupons etc.

Targeted advertising

Decide on placements for text, display, rich media and video ads across the site on the following parameters:


Available ad slots and specifications

To discuss creative in any other format, write to us.

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