Aamir Khan’s Van Heusen Ghajini look

This is fast turning into an Aamir Khan blog ever since he has ramped up publicity gimmicks for Ghajini, before its release on December 25, 2008.

In one of our previous posts we had mentioned what a canny marketer Aamir is. Now, I am suffering from sheer marketing fatigue as one Ghajni event after another hits me without a break.

Aamir Khan's Ghajini formal look

Aamir Khan's formal Ghajini look photo

The latest is Aamir Khan’s suave tycoon look that has inspired Van Heusen’s Ghajini collection.

Aamir Khan's Van Heusen collection photo

Aamir Khan's Van Heusen Ghajini collection look

Aamir Khan will walk the ramp to peddle his Ghajini corporate look. In the first part of Ghajini, Aamir’s suave tycoon dons sophisticated formals. Van Heusen’s new collection will include straight-fit pants, ties, formal shirts, waistcoasts, and blazers. The new collection will be available at Van Heusen stores across India and the starting price will be Rs 1299.

Aamir Khan's Ghajini photo

Aamir Khan

It started with the first Ghajini photos showcasing Aamir’s look in the movie, six pack, hair cut, tattoos and so on.

Aamir Khan's look in the Behka song of Ghajini

One of Aamir Khan's six styles in Ghajini

Next came the teaser trailer of Aamir’s six looks in the Behka song.

Aamir Khan's GQ cover photo
Aamir Khan GQ cover photo

Then, Aamir Khan appeared on the cover of GQ, and Jiah Khan’s sexy photos appeared on the cover of Maxim India.

Jiah Khan
Jiah Khan Maxim India photo

Simultaneously, he kept up the internet marketing of Ghajini, with his blog and the new Ghajini site, which invites journalists to register on the site, upload their photos, and receive personal notes from Aamir Khan.

Aamir had kept up an interactive dialog with his readers in his blog, right from the time Ghajini was conceived. He asked readers to gives ideas for the casting and so on (His best marketing idea so far – sincere and effective).

Now, Aamir has asked ushers in PVR multiplexes (Aamir Khan Productions has a distribution and production tie-up with PVR Films) to don the Aamir hair cut in Ghajini, supposedly voluntarily (By far the worst idea – its creepy).

So now expect to jump out of your seats when suddenly guys with zig-zag buzz cuts whisper to you in a dark hall asking if you want to place an order. And be thankful that they are not barechested. In fact, I am very thankful that the same idea did not occur to Karan Johar when he was marketing Dostana. The idea of halls teeming with peeking bums a la John Abraham fills me with horror.

John Abraham in Dostana

John Abraham in Dostana

Now that he has flogged his look for almost all its worth, what is he going to peddle next? Ghajini Underwear?

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