Aamir Khan goes all out with Peepli Live promotion

The massively anticipated small budget movie, which is populated by a non-star cast, is all set to hit theatres on August 13.

Peepli Live, is a home production from actor-filmmaker Aamir Khan, and will be released worldwide through 600 screens in India and 100 screens abroad.

Aamir Khan says that the overwhelming response from the public to the trailers and promos of the film, prompted the company to scrap initial plans to open at 200 screens and go for a bigger debut. The promos have been character driven – in some instances using Aamir’s character from Lagaan for mileage. For the music release, there were performances by folk singers and also a glimpse of Aamir playing the drums with Indian music band Indian Ocean.

The film has been produced by Aamir Khan and is co-produced and distributed by UTV Motion Pictures. The company has already recovered the Rs.10 crore it took to make the movie – having sold the satellite broadcasting rights to the Colors channel for Rs.10 crore and music rights to T-Series for Rs.4 crore.

The movie is satire about farmers’ suicides and the subsequent media and political response to the issue, set in a village called Peepli – a novel approach, since there are hundreds of villages scattered across India that have this name. Aamir Khan has reportedly received hundreds of letters and postcards from various Peeplis, expressing their thanks for making their village famous. Reports say that the actor was quite touched and overwhelmed to get so many postcards from so many different places that bore the same name. The Peepli in the film is set in Madhya Pradesh, but the name was chosen to represent all the Peeplis in the country. Letters have been pouring in from Peeplis in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan among others.

The film has been written and directed by Anusha Rizvi and is the first ever Indian movie to compete in the Sundance Film Festival. The UK release is scheduled for September 24.

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