50 Cent loses over 50 pounds for Things Fall Apart movie role

Rapper 50 Cents has lost more than 50 pounds for his latest movie “Things Fall Apart”. A picture of the rap artist after his weight loss was posted on the internet which shows the artist with a very thin face and hollow cheeks.

50 cent photo of weight loss for things for apart movie

Photo: 50 Cent's shocking photo of weight loss for Things Fall Apart movie

50 Cent’s pictures were posted first on his official website ThisIs50.com and are also featured in the latest issue of Us Magazine. The artist says that he went down from his earlier weight of 214 pounds to160 pounds for the movie. 50 Cent’s weight-loss process consisted of jogging on the treadmill for three hours per day for a period of nine weeks accompanied by a diet that comprised of liquids only. His efforts were praised by his friends and fellow rap artists including rapper Tony Yayo who revealed that 50 Cent had stayed away from parties and alcohol as well for losing weight.

The 34-year-old rapper underwent the weight-loss process for his role in “Things Fall Apart” in which he acts as a football star who is diagnosed with cancer. The movie is directed by Mario “Chip” Van Peebles who also co-stars with 50 Cent in the movie. 50 Cent was also involved in co-writing the script for the film, which is being co-produced by his own production house, Cheetah Vision Films, in association with Randall Emmett. Shooting for Things Fall Apart had begun in Michigan and was set to release in 2011.

50 Cent, whose actual name is Curtis Jackson, has admitted that he starving during the period of shooting and that he had also had the tattoos in arms removed for the role. He also revealed that he was required to shed 65 kilos for role and that the photos were taken when he had lost 54 pounds. 50 Cent had lost weight earlier in 2008 for a role in a movie titled “Microwave Park”, although he had only reduced his weight to 185 pounds for that role.

50 Cent has however, started to regain weight in preparation for his latest music tour called “The Invitation”, which is scheduled to start in Cleveland on Friday. A South Carolina-based local newspaper carried a picture of the rapper after he gained a few ponds, when he visited Edgefield county as part of the research for an episode of VH1’s “Rock Docs” series called “50’s Roots”.

Other actors have also lost their weight drastically in the past for certain roles in films. Some of the most remarkable among them include Tom Hanks who lost weight for the movie “Cast Away” and Christian Bale who consumed only coffee and apples to reduce weight for his role in the film “The Machinist”.

Post-shooting of Things Fall Apart, 50 Cent is now putting on weight. He wrote and financed the movie himself.

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