2010 Oscar Awards on new date

The Academy of Motion Arts Pictures and Sciences has decided to move the  82nd Annual academy awards to a new date in order to avoid a conflict with the Winter Olympics.

The Academy Award ceremony will now take place on 7 March, 2010 at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles. For many years the ceremony was aired in February. This year’s award ceremony was hosted by Australian actor Hugh Jackman and the event was on February 22nd. The academy made the same compromise in 2006 when the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics coincided with the dates of red carpet to the Oscars.

“Having an extra week is something that’s helpful, especially with late-coming movies,” said Barry Dale Johnson, Oscar consultant for ID PR. Academy “members have more time to see movies,” he said.

The 2010 Oscar Awards nominations will be announced on 22 February, 2010.  This year, Oscar nominations were announced on 22 January.

“In terms of the nominating process, that puts another week in the schedule for members to see movies,” Leslie Unger, an academy spokeswoman, told People, a celebrity and lifestyle magazine.

ABC will broadcast the Oscar ceremony, and the Olympics will be aired by NBC.

Several Oscar strategists think that the change in the Oscar dates can change the DVD release of the Oscar nominated movies since many prefer to release the DVD’s in accord to Oscar dates.

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