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Asin in Hindi Ghajini, London Dreams

Asin Thottumkal is in the news a lot these days, thanks to her upcoming flick Ghajini.

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Aamir Khan’s Ghajini photos revealed

Aamir Khan unveiled his six-pack, veined hand, sticking-out ears look for his forthcoming film Ghajini, a remake of the tamil film – also called Ghajini – which was a remake of Christopher Nolan’s Memento.

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Mallika Sherawat shoots for Hisss in Kerala jungles

Shooting for her forthcoming flick Hisss has not been very pleasant for Mallika Sherawat. The actress has been shooting in the forests of Kerala for Hisss. Kerala forests are bad enough on regular days, thickly vegetated and teeming with icky … Continue reading

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Brad Pitt in sci-fi Odyssey

Brad Pitt will star in Odyssey, a sci-fi version of Homer’s Odyssey. The movie, backed by Warner Bros. will be directed by George Miller, Oscar winning director of Happy Feet.

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Crispin Glover in Alice in Wonderland as Knave of Hearts

Crispin Glover has joined the cast of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, that will be directed by Tim Burton.

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Steven Soderbergh’s Cleopatra 3-D musical in the works

This should be a fun watch. Steven Soderbergh is planning a 3-D musical on Cleopatra. Catherine Zeta Jones is touted to play Cleopatra. And, Soderbergh wants Hugh Jackman to play Marc Antony.

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AR Rahman’s The Big Band reality show soon

This should be interesting. Those who of you fed up of silly, mediocre reality shows, rejoice! You can look forward to The Big Band reality show that will be hosted by AR Rahman on Doordarshan, starting early December 2008.

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Ramayan 3392 AD movie in the works

The mythological hero and God from the east, Lord Rama, travels to the West for the first time in a movie format. Thanks to Mandalay Pictures and Liquid Comics (erstwhile Virgin Comics), a Hollywood movie version of the comic sci-fi … Continue reading

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Sacha Baron Cohen won’t sing Kazakhstan national anthem at England-Kazakhstan match

Sacha Baron Cohen has refused to appear in his Borat avatar at the England vs Kazakhstan match that will be held in Wembley on October 11, 2008. England has had a successful run in their World Cup Qualifying campaign, having … Continue reading

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Quantum of Solace Bond girl dies Goldfinger style

Daily Mail has said that the Quantum of Solace Bond Girl Gemma Arterton will come to a dramatic end – death by drowning in crude oil. The spoiler picture shows Gemma Arterton lying dead on a bed, covered with crude … Continue reading

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