VW shows of Pickup concept, precursor to Volkswagen Robust

Wednesday, October 1, 2008, 19:43 by Auto Correspondent

In tune with its plans to roll out more commercial vehicles, automotive giant Volkswagen has lifted the wraps off the concept of its fourth model in the series. The new pickup truck is aptly called Volkswagen Pickup. The four-door double-cab concept Pickup was displayed at the 62nd IAA Commercial Vehicles Show in Hanover.

Volkswagen Pickup concept photo

Volkswagen Pickup concept photo

While it remains a concept for now, there defintiely will be a production version of the pickup named Vokswagen Robust. The VW Robust pickup will target South America, South Africa, Australia and some Asian markets.

The new concept pickup is all of 5.18 metres in length and is 1.9 metres width. It would come with four doors and four seats and would aim at customers who buy cars for leisurely drives.  Powered by new common rail turbodiesel engines, the new Pickup would boast of powerful, clean and efficient technologies that would meet accepted emission norms.

The VW Pickup is the first commercial vehicle to be designed under Volkswagen Group design chief, Walter de Silva. The concept vehicle which was shown at the recent Hanover show has been tailor made to set new standards in the one-tonne pickup class.

Production of the vehicle is to begin by end of year 2009 at the  car maker’s Pacheco plant in Argentina. Volkswagen aims at selling the vehicle in Europe, South America, South Africa and Australia.

Meanwhile, reports said that the Pickup which was showcased at the show was the one designed for use as a search and rescue vehicle to be used by lifeguards. The concept on show featured add ons such as GPS, a multifunction touchscreen infotainment unit, CB radios, a number of chassis and all-wheel drive functions, a compass, flashlights, a defibrillator and binoculars. It is however not known whether Volkswagen would start production of a search and rescue version of the vehicle on these lines any time soon.

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  1. mike shankin said on Monday, August 31, 2009, 21:09

    we need smaller, fuel efficient diesel pickups in this country. if you make it i will buy it!!

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