Triumph leaks photos of 2011 Speed Triple due for launch at Paris Auto Show 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010, 12:30 by Auto Correspondent

British motorcycle company, Triumph, seems to have “accidentally” leaked images of its 2011 Speed Triple on one of its websites ahead of its official launch at the upcoming Paris Auto Show 2010.

While the website provides no details or specifications, the leaked photos reveal new headlamps, lighter alloy chassis, newfangled swingarm and fresh instrumentation. According to some reports, the Speed Triple will share design cues with the 2011 Triumph Tiger as well.

The 2011 Speed Triple will likely feature the same 1050 cc, inline, three-cylinder unit, as on the 2010 model, albeit nicely tweaked for better performance. The 2010 Speed Triple’s engine produces a peak power of 128 hp at 9,250 rpm and peak torque of 103 Nm at 7,550 rpm. Of course, we’ll have to wait until the bike’s launch next week to know the exact power and torque figures.

However, one thing’s for sure. The new Speed Triple will be more polluting than the current model as revealed in the emissions document filed with the California Air Resources Board (CARB)—which, perhaps, could also mean the new bike has undergone heavy tuning. According to the document, the 2011 Speed Triple’s combined hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide levels have doubled from 0.3 g/km to 0.6 g/km. Carbon monoxide has also increased to 4.5 g/km, up 0.5 g/km.

2011 triumph speed triple photo gallery

CARB documents also revealed the weight of 2011 Speed Triple, which is 30 kgs lighter than the current model. The significant reduction in weight has likely been achieved by using a lighter chassis and smaller exhausts.

The photos also reveal add-ons such as two types of fly screen visor kit, belly pan, seat cowl and single low-slung exhaust instead of the regular high-mounted twin exhausts.

Rumors say the 2011 Speed Triple will be priced £300 (Rs 21, 356) more than the present Speed Triple. Currently, the bike costs £8,500 (Rs 6.05 lakhs) on road.

2011 triumph speed triple photo gallery

The official launch of 2011 Speed Triple is scheduled next week. But the bike will likely be on sale only during the second half of 2011 according to the CARB documents.

2011 triumph speed triple photo gallery

2011 triumph speed triple photo gallery

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