Renault Zoe previewed at Paris: Official photos are here

Sunday, October 3, 2010, 6:40 by Auto Correspondent

Renault joins electric-car race; previews Zoe at Paris Auto Show 2010

Renault has unveiled its electric car concept, Zoe, at the Paris Auto Show. The zero-emissions Zoe will be dished out from Renault’s Flins plant in France. Ninety percent of the features on this cute concept car will be carried over to the production version, scheduled to go on sale from 2012.


The Renault Zoe is no Tesla Roadster so don’t expect it to break any speed records. It is powered by an 80 hp electric motor that helps pull the 1,392 kg-weighing car from 0-100 kmph in 8.1 seconds while top speed is claimed to be at 135 kmph. The Zoe can cover 160 km on a single charge (same as the Nissan Leaf’s range), which is a speedy affair. The electric motor takes just 10 minutes for a quick charge—enough for travelling up to 60 kilometres. Surprisingly, while 80% of the charging can be done in just 30 minutes, a full charge takes about 5-6 hours.

renault zoe photo

Photo: Renault Zoe EV

Besides other countries, the Renault Zoe is also expected to launch in Israel and Denmark, which plan to install Quickdrop battery exchange stations in future. This will allow Zoe owners to exchange their depleted batteries for a fully charged unit in just three minutes.

Design and Styling

The Renault Zoe was first unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show last year. But the concept was far from production. This time, however, Renault has unveiled a near-production car. The Zoe is a 4-seater, 5-door city car that runs on big, specially designed 19-inch Michelin tyres. The Zoe Concept car revealed at the Paris Auto Show  is only 4.10m long, 1.78m wide and 1.54 m tall—small enough to zip around the city.


The Renault Zoe’s interior is all-white with blue backlights for the instrument. Futuristic touches include a climate-control system with humidity level sensors, intelligent air vents that shut on their own upon detecting toxic substances, and an electronic scent diffuser. Audio ambience and light therapy make the Zoe’s cabin a relaxing environment.

renault zoe interior photo

Photo: Renault Zoe Interior

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