Porsche 911 Targa 4 and 911 Targa 4S launch soon

Sunday, August 10, 2008, 19:06 by Auto Correspondent

The 911 series from Porsche will be complete with the introduction of the new 911 Targa soon. The series has seen the fastest ever generation change in the 911 model line up. Porsche has lined up two new variants, namely the 911 Targa 4 and 911 Targa 4S. While the Targa 4 version comes powered by a 3.6-litre flat-six engine that gives a maximum output of 345 bhp, the Targa 4S displaces 3.8-litres, developing maximum output of 385 bhp and accelerates this outstanding sports car to a top speed of 185 mph.

Porsche 911 Targa photo

Porsche has released a few photos of the 911 Targa 4 and the 911 Targa 4S which we are reproducing here for your viewing pleasure!

911 Targa photo

The new Porsche 911 Targa series comes with two new power units with direct fuel injection and is seen as a vehicle that would score both on performance and economy. The model will be equipped with a double-clutch gearbox and electronically-controlled Porsche Traction Management system. Talking of Porsche Traction Management, it has been pointed out that for the new generation models from the automaker, all-wheel drive cars are provided via electronically-controlled Porsche Traction Management (PTM), which replaces the previous viscous multiple-plate clutch system. The positive thing about the PTM is that the transmission delivers a higher level of driving stability, traction and agility, and added levels of comfort. The Porsche 911 Targa 4 and Targa 4S remain exclusively available with four-wheel drive.

PTM feeds exactly the right amount of engine torque in each situation through an electronically-controlled multiple-plate clutch to the front wheels, supplementing the flow of power to the rear wheels. Combined with the highly dynamic PTM control system, this clutch precisely delivers a distribution of power and torque to the front and rear axles as road and driving conditions change. With the previous viscous clutch, up to 40 per cent of torque could be directed to the front axle. In contrast, the new electronically-controlled PTM system delivers an infinitely variable torque split, and is able to distribute up to 100 per cent of traction to the front or rear wheels. It has been said that PTM provides a faster and more precise transmission of power in all driving situations, offering excellent stability at high speeds plus increased levels of responsiveness of the car to the driver.

Going by looks, the Porsche 911 Targa models offer a stunning display of a glass roof made up of two segments. It has been done in such a way that it has a sliding option above the passenger seats. The other feature is the versatile top-hinged tailgate. The roof can be slid beneath the tailgate to offer an open space above the passenger compartment of 0.45 sq m. Made with specially-treated glass designed to deflect the sun’s glare, the glass roof and the tailgate aim at protecting passengers in the car even in bright sunshine from UV radiation and excessive heat, said a review of the 911 Targa.

The second generation Porsche 911 Targa 4 models will go on sale in the UK and Ireland this October. While the Targa 4 Coupe 3.6-litre is priced upwards from  £72,980, the Targa 4S Coupe 3.8-litre comes for £80,270.

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