Porsche 911 hybrid /EV spy photos revealed

Thursday, July 30, 2009, 11:37 by Auto Correspondent

This is a bit interesting. We know Porsche is no stranger to the world of electric and hybrid automotive power. Now a photographer has clicked some photos of a car which he believes is an electric or hybrid Porsche 911 convertible sports car.

Spy photo of the Porsche 911 hybrid or electric - what might be that car?

Spy photo of the Porsche 911 hybrid or electric - what might be that car?

This is what we know. A spy photographer for NextAutos clicked a black Porsche 911 convertible sports car – with a high voltage symbol on its hood. That means there is some electric power underneath that black hood alright.

What is interesting is that the photographer probably noticed the car only because it was strangely silent for a Porsche as it pulled out of its parking space.

Of course, it would not be strange for Porsche to try out ana electric or hybrid for the Porsche 911. After all the company is already pretty clear that a Porsche Panamera hybrid and Porsche cayenne S hybrid will be out in 2010.

The Porsche Panamera is Porsche’s proper 4-seater, four-door sports coupe. Porsche has already told the media that the electric drive unit will be mounted between the engine and the transmission in the hybrid Panamera. Electric batteries will be stored under the luggage area.

The electric Panamera will run in hybrid mode, or in all-electric mode for short distances.

If work on the hybrid Panamera is progressing, then it makes sense for Porsche to try out its work on the Porsche 911 too. After all, there might be a market for a luxury hybrid sports convertible.