MINI reveals electric scooter concepts for Paris Auto Show 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010, 14:28 by Auto Correspondent

MINI, owned by the BMW group, is gearing up to unveil its “E Scooter Concept” at the Paris Auto Show 2010 next month.

bmw MINI e-scooter concept photo

Photo: The MINI e-scooter will debut at Paris Auto Show 2010

The German company has revealed sketches of three all-electric scooter concepts on its Facebook page. You can also view these images that Autocar has posted on its website.

Looking at the photos, the scooters bear a stark resemblance to the Yamaha Fino that’s sold in the Thai market. Of the three scooters, the one in white and blue will be a single-seater called “Ego.” The second one, with a blue and lime green paint job, is called “E,” implying the eco-friendliness of the scooter. The third will be an ultra-retro British Racing Green scooter.

According to MINI, the scooters borrow design cues from its car range, for instance, the styling of the headlamps, large speedometers and oblong rear-view mirrors. The scooters will be powered by lithium ion batteries, estimated to give a range of 96.5 kilometres on a single charge. While MINI hasn’t revealed performance figures, the scooters are speculated to offer a top speed of 60kmph.

We have a couple of sketches of the BMW e-scooter for you here.

bmw mini e-scooter photo for paris auto show 2010 says that the MINI E-Scooter concept is only a tie-in to promote the MINI E car, which will undergo field testing in Germany by the end of this year. However, since BMW already has already a motorcycle division, it could have a shot at bringing out a production version of the electric scooters, provided there’s enough interest. BMW Motorrad Chief Executive Officer Hendrik von Kuenheim has said that both electric cars and scooters will be part of BMW’s future.

Interestingly, BMW’s archrival Mercedes-Benz is also unveiling its electric scooters under the “Smart” brand. The Paris Motor Show will then have more electric and hybrid vehicle concepts this time than on any of shows conducted previously. The message is clear: the future is all-electric!

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