Horex VR6 6-cylinder motorcycle offers 200 bhp

Saturday, October 9, 2010, 11:50 by Auto Correspondent

Horex VR6 will be the first launch from the German motorcycle brand in more than 50 years

horex vr6 photo gallery

Photo: The Horex VR6 produces 200 bhp - that's V-Max territory!

The fact that Horex, a once-famed German brand, ceased making motorcycles in 1956, is not going to stop it from trying to make a comeback.

We have a few official photos of the Horex VR6 for your viewing pleasure here. Enjoy!

The Horex VR6 is a modern super-naked featuring a six-cylinder engine with a belt-drive supercharger. Turbo and supercharged production bikes pretty much disappeared in the 1980s, so its great to see it off the backburner. Horex is said to have patented the VR6 configuration for two-wheeled vehicles that helps the naked bike develop an awesome 200 bhp of power and and 110 lb-ft of torque, putting it on level with Yamaha’s 2009 V-Max in the muscle bike stakes.

horex vr6 engine photo

Photo: The six cylinder engine

50mm forks should substantially help with gobbling up the bumps and humps and the dual-radial-mounted brakes should have no trouble halting the Horex VR6 motorcycle from, what promises to be, substantial speeds.

The engine is fairly slim horizontally at just 42.9cm wide and even more compact than the typical four-cylinder engine longitudinally. While there have been no test rides of the Horex VR6 yet, the company says the engine’s character is a fair mix of grunt and silkiness, as it ought to be to fit the premium design and price tag of the bike.

The Horex VR6 motorcycle weighs in at a seemingly heavy 530 pounds, but the meaty engine should well compensate for it, at least in a straight line. One could even argue it has the ‘big-fat-SUV’ factor to it. That is, a vehicle you want to be seen in rather than race in.

In the looks department, the bike has a portly but solid stance. The chassis and powerplant look like a compact unit despite its open, naked feel. The frame and swing-arm components appear to exhibit top-notch fit and finish. The only part of it’s looks we don’t like is the sound – ’cause we haven’t heard it yet.

horex vr6 photo 2

Photo: Conservative front. The rear view, though, is quite meaty!

It’s safe to assume that the Horex VR6 is aimed at those who would appreciate the bike’s retro looks, the comfortable riding position and the seemingly limitless reserves of power, oh and for the buyer, seemingly limitless reserves of cash – the prices start at €20,000 ($24,600). There is no information on whether the motorcycle would be launched in the US.

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